Friday, February 1, 2013

Thankful Thursday

posted on a Friday... (but written on Thursday; midnight just got here too fast!)

Today I'm thankful:

--that I mustered up enough patience and determination to finish making Arabella's One Year book on Shutterfly!  I have been working on it for months--it was overwhelming and seemed never ending.  There's just so much in the first year; and I wanted it to all be in there and to all be accurate (it's hard to tell how old she really was in some of those pictures...).  And it's DONE!

--for Facebook.  And the fact that I'm one of those parents who posts a lot of pictures of her kid on there.  The date posted made it so nice to be able to check how old she was in the pictures for the book!

--for hope.  We were able to visit a sweet couple and their family in the hospital today.  They are an older couple who attends our little congregation, and they are something special.  They've had a rough few weeks, not really know what will happen with Mrs. Pearl's health and filled with ups and downs.  But today they were given a glimmer of hope and it was so refreshing.  And beyond that, when things did seem grim for her life here on Earth, there was still the eternal hope of being welcomed home into the arms of Jesus.  The peace and comfort that provides can be surpassed by no other.

--for AppleTV and Pandora streaming through it.

--that my sweet child sleeps so late.  It has allowed me to be a night owl (which is when I'm able to get so much done) and still be able to rest and function.

--for a youth group who is anxious and excited to attend the youth rally in Jennings this weekend...and a youth group who took up two full pews at church last night!

--that I have been granted the opportunity to listen and soak in the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that has been gifted to Patrick Mead this weekend.

--for my parents who volunteered to keep my and my sister's wee(est) tots this weekend while we both take groups to the youth rally.

--that Hunter and I are figuring out how to make this turnaround schedule work.  It hasn't been ideal (and we are both ready for it to be over), but for as much as I was dreading it and expecting it to be horrible and draining and lonely, we've really done ok.  We make the most of the time we see each other each day (on average about 30 minutes to an hour) and it's working.  Plus I can see the light at the end of the turnaround tunnel so that adds a little heap of happiness on the pile.

--that I became a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.  I love to craft and you will be hard pressed to find better quality materials.  This demonstratorship allows me to take a hobby I love and share it with my friends.  It's fun, relaxing, and fabulous!

--that the weather cooled back off.  It's too early for all that 80 degree mess!

Be grateful, give thanks.

love, angie

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