Friday, February 8, 2013

14 Days of Love--Day 8

I love hugs.  Always have.  Being held is such a sincere form of comfort to me.  It can also be an expression of excitement, joy, longing, tenderness, vulnerability--to let someone close enough to you to physically pass their love on to you...I love hugs.

But even more than that--I love my boy's hugs.  I've always told him that.  We fit so well together and I just sort of melt when he hugs me--I can literally feel my body and mind and spirit rest and relax.  When I'm upset, his hug is what I want the most (although if I'm trying to hold it together and not break down crying in front of everyone, I can't be touched...or I will lose it immediately).  When we've been apart for a while, his hug is what I miss the most.  It's the last thing we give each other when he leaves, and it's the first thing we give when he comes home every day.  We are huggy, snuggly people; and I wouldn't want it any other way.
Have you figured out what today's gift is yet?  No?  Well let me tell you...A little bag of Hershey's hugs with the note, "my favorite place is inside your hug" attached.  What a truth for me to state.

 Today's song is kinda fun :)  We both love, love, love Norah Jones.  She is beautiful, her music is enthralling, and her talents are astounding.  This is one we came across when we were engaged--and he actually just sang it karaoke on our latest cruise.  It's a more sensual love song, but it's tastefully done and we like it..."Turn Me On".

on the top of a mountain in Honduras, wrapped in my boys arms.
Galveston Ferry, married about 3 hours...

home is where the heart is, and he has my heart.
he makes me feel safe, comforted, loved, home.


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