Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful:

--for the opportunity to have lunch with some special ladies from church.  It's so nice to catch up with them when we have a little more time and freedom to visit.  I'm also very thankful that AJ was very well behaved during that lunch so I could participate in conversation and enjoy myself!

--that the turnaround is -are you ready for it?- OVER!  My boy has still been working later than normal these past couple of days trying to get caught up on his normal day tasks and machines (that he hasn't been able to focus on as much because of the turnaround), but each night is earlier than the last.

--that we get to have dinner with some sweet friends of ours.  Hunter works with John, and his wife, Sky is also a teacher--so we all four hit it off pretty well :)  On top of that, they're expecting their first sweet tot this summer and they just found out this week it's a girl!  It's fun to get to share this journey with them.

--for those crazy teens at church, whom I love dearly.  I know I brag on them a lot, but it's because they deserve it.  Our youth group kids (and all of the adults who work with them with us) are just plain awesome.  And I'm thankful for them opening their eyes and hearts to the thought and action of what we can do to make the world more awesome.

--for my sweet father-in-law.  Sunday is his 50th birthday and his wife is throwing a party for him Saturday.  We're looking forward to spending the day with family and some old friends, celebrating the life of such a respectable man.  (Plus, his middle son {Hunter's brother} and his stepson {Hunter's oldest step-brother} also have their birthday on Sunday, and they will both be 25.  We think it's pretty cool that Frank and Shawnette got twins by marriage!  It'll be a day of milestones all around!)

--that Duck Dynasty premiered again last night!  It may sound silly, but we love the show and look forward to giggling through the episodes together.  Plus, I grew up going to youth functions at the church where they attend and minister, so it's neat to see them up on the big screen.

--for the trips we have coming up and the fact that we've somehow been able to make them all happen.  They'll all be unique and meaningful in different ways and we didn't want to have to miss out on any of those opportunities.

--that my grandmother got a good report from the specialist she saw earlier this week, and will hopefully not be having to have surgery for the issue!

be grateful, give thanks.

love, angie

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