Tuesday, February 12, 2013

14 Days of Love--Day 12

this makes me giggle--I put my cold feet over on Hunter's side of the bed to warm them up!  He especially hates loves it when I sneak them onto his back or stomach :)
I have converted my boy into a movie watcher.  My family has always loved watching movies and had family movie nights often, whether we went to the theater or snuggled up at home (the latter happened more often, especially when we were younger).  So I was astounded and boggled that when Hunter and I started dating, he had barely seen any movies!

That is changing.

Now, anytime we have a night that we'll be free to stay up a little later, we love to rent a movie, pop some popcorn (and throw some milk duds in mine...yum to the O), and snuggle up on the couch to watch it.  I love movie nights and look forward to our kid(s) being old enough one day to have those family movie nights together.

Of course they'll have to be complete with popcorn too :)

So all of this movie/popcorn back story is meant to lead up to today's love surprise--and this is the other "corny" one I had mentioned (these puns are coming to me too easily now...oh man).  Today he gets two bags of Act II Butter Lover's (only brand and flavor I'm game to chow down on) popcorn.  And the note--are you ready for this?  Prepare yourself.  "I'm e'kernel'y yours..."  Haha!  Oh the wit. Giggle with me--you know you want to.

And we have another beauty from Norah Jones as our love lyrics star today: "Come Away With Me". It's such a beautiful thought to be swept up in love and escape reality with that someone.  

I mean, lemme be honest.  The boy drives me up the wall crazy.  But I couldn't love him anymore...and it's our job to keep each other's nerves and patience levels in check!



  1. Angie, I'm loving your Valentine's Day wit;). It's inspiring to see how much you love your husband!

  2. Thanks, Brooklyn! I've had fun doing this :) And it means a lot to know that my love for him is evident