Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful:

--for the youth rally this past weekend.  It was uplifting and thought/heart-stirring--and it motivated action!

--for a sister who is just as much a "mad scientist" (nickname given to me by our youth group kids because once I get an idea in my head, the wheels start turning and I get them to help me make it happen) as I am (well, both sisters are really...but one of them is in cahoots with me currently) and isn't scared to dream big--and then do the work to make those crazy thoughts realities.

--for the little joys my sweet baby gives me:  the way she blows me a kiss when I say "I love you"; the way she toddles quickly to the door when she sees me get my keys; the way she pat pats your shoulder ever so gently when you hold her close.  She gets lost in the simplicity of life and her joy is pure.  I love getting to witness and experience that.

--that I learned how to make gumbo!  You would think that growing up in south Louisiana, one of our parents would have shown Hunter or I one how to make gumbo...but, no.  It's really a simple process that's hard to mess up--but when you don't know where to start, it doesn't seem so simple.  Thanks to a NOLA cooking class on our anniversary trip, I now can make it with confidence; and have done so twice this week!  Sunday night for Hunter to take out to his guys who were working and missing the Superbowl with him and then again this morning to freeze and save for a quick meal when I don't have much time to cook.

--for a church family who loves my daughter and swoops her up in care.  I never worry about her at the building--after services, she's free to wander because I know someone's got her...that's a fantastic feeling of safety and assurance.

--for FaceTime.  We got to visit with my best friend and her little boy (who's about to be one)--he and AJ got a kick out of getting to watch and squawk at each other.

--for Hunter's dive mask... I know this sounds odd, but it was a lifesaver last night as I chopped the onions for my gumbo.  My eyes have always been extremely sensitive to onions and none of the home remedies come even close to helping (I tried chewing gum, refrigerating the onions, breathing through my mouth, and vinegar on the cutting board...nada).  But those goggles--now we're talkin'.  I looked like an absolute mo-ron, but my eyes were protected from that burning vengeance, so it was all good.

be grateful, give thanks.

love, angie

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