Tuesday, February 5, 2013

14 Days of Love--Day 5

Satisfied...  What a phenomenal state to be in.

And what a fantastic marketing slogan for a tasty treat...and love story.

Today brings about a lot of little Snickers for my boy, a snack that always does the trick.  "Satisfied?  I am by you."

The song is a special one and it's message rings true and deep.  "God Gave Me You"--the title alone holds depth in my heart.  I truly believe my relationship, my boy, and my marriage were guided to me through Godly decisions and circumstances.  I also believe that He uses us to sharpen the other, bringing us together as a team to make it through and be a shining example of what marriage is intended to be--a blessed union, strengthened by love in Christ.

he satisfies me--mind, body, and soul.  what a phenomenal state of contentment and joy.

love, angie

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