Thursday, February 7, 2013

14 Days of Love--Day 7

So my boy has a slight love for UnderArmour...  And it's really not the brand thing he loves--their stuff is just that good.  It started with a shirt here, some shorts there--now all of his undershirts, shorts (other than khakis), socks, and underwear are UnderArmour...

Sadly, their stuff is kind of pretty expensive, so he can only get it in spurts.

Well, today's going to be one of those spurts :)

I actually use this phrase all the time when I get excited about something, so it's a pretty sincere sentiment.  He's getting a new package of "no show" UnderArmour socks (it still amazes me that those little bitty things fit his big ole foot) with the note, "You rock my socks off!"  And he does.

The song is a sweet one, reminding us of our Louisiana/Southern love, "Tupelo Honey".

And just for fun:

as you can see, according to this message, we love each other a lot...
silliness makes life more fun.  enjoy!

love, angie

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