Monday, February 11, 2013

14 Days of Love--Day 11

We're getting close to the end, and I must say, this has been fun!  It's worked out especially well with Hunter's crazy work schedule because it's been so easy to get everything set out without him seeing.  It's also been nice for him to know he has a surprise to come home to :)

We went to New Orleans this year to celebrate our five year anniversary, and we stayed at the Hotel Monteleone (home of the famous Carousel Bar--that actually spins...).  We also took a cooking class while we were there and decided to ask our food connoseours where we should go to get a fantastic food or drink.  Immediately the lady said "martinis at the Carousel Bar!"  Neither of us were martini drinkers, so we were a little leary...but decided to take her advice.  And Hunter found his new "sophisticated" drink of choice...  They were pretty tasty--although he's never been able to order another one up to that caliber and prefers to make them at home (he alters the ratio a bit).

So today he gets a jar of olives to go in his martinis.  And what other sentiment would I use that, "Olive You so, so much!"

The song is one that's always been pretty fun for us.  It was released pretty soon before we got married and was supposed to be the last song we danced to before leaving the reception (except the DJ screwed that one up big time...).  Anywho, we still love to joke around and sing it to each other--fun little lovin' song, "Your Man".

he's my reality and escape from it all in one.


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