Sunday, November 13, 2011

And then there were three

Sorry for my absence over the past few weeks and for the abrupt halt in the 30 day challenge (which I still have every intention of completing by the way).  We've been a little preoccupied as our little baby girl decided to make her appearance a few days early!

I went in Monday, the 24th for my 39 week routine appointment.  I had been feeling fine other than the swelling--my ankles were monstrous; and now that I look back at pictures, so were my legs, arms, and face.  Anywho, I got called back and they checked my weight and blood pressure like always.  Except when the first nurse took my BP twice in my left arm, frowning the whole time, switched to the right arm, and then even asked another nurse to check it.  Turns out, it was 170/104...mmm hmm, just a little high.  I've had problems with high blood pressure in the past, so we had been watching it carefully.  And starting about week 36, it was on the rise--but no where near that high!  So, what started out a routine appointment changed our lives completely.  

So I go into the room and wait for my doctor to come in.  In the meantime, the nurses who escorted me in an who took the doppler heart tones just grinned and giggled--because they knew what my only treatment option was.  After what felt like an eternity, he finally came in, also grinning and smirking.  And then he told me--it was going to have to be time for delivery.  And at that point, Bella was still way up in my ribs with no progression at all.  That combined with my BP being that high meant inducing wasn't a very safe option, leaving us with the c-section.  And we would be doing it the next day.  Hello! I mean, I was 39 weeks so I knew it was close.  But to hear the word "tomorrow" freaked me out quite a bit.  

And then the even bigger curve ball was thrown my way.  Not only was I having my baby the next day, but I was being admitted to the hospital right then.  No going home to clean up or take care of last minute things--or just realize that was our last night without a baby.  Nope.  I got dressed, walked out, and they plopped me in a wheel chair and took me straight over.  Needless to say, my emotions were quite fragile.  And on top of that, this was one of the few appointments that Hunter did not come to! So I was alone and fa-reaking out (but trying not to show it!)!  I couldn't talk to him or I would have lost it.  So thanks to the world of modern technology, he found out all of this exciting news via text message.  Horrible, I know.  

The typos prove my nerves were high...I rarely have that many without going back and fixing them, and I didn't even notice them!
Once we got to the hospital, I had to get hooked up to all of my machines and get my IV started (absolutely horrific experience), fill out the papers and so on.  By now, my blood pressure was up to 172/117...just dandy!  So I also had to lay completely on my side and only get up to go to the bathroom. At this point it was about 3:30 and I hadn't eaten anything that day.  I slept until 11:30 and my appointment was at 1:15.  I had full intentions of driving through chick-fil-a on my way home--my mouth was watering for it!  But of course those plans changed,  And since my BP was up, fried and salty foods were a no-no and thus my tasty little nuggets were stripped from my plans for good :(.  My day was just going great...

Thankfully, I had already packed our hospital bags a couple of weeks before (when my BP first started going up and they were worried about toxemia).  My parents had planned to come to Beaumont that night anyway for a Bible study (which we were also supposed to attend), so they were able to go get our stuff and bring it to us, allowing Hunter to stay with me in my fragile state.  

My doctor came back around to see me around 8:30 that evening and we learned that we were scheduled for noon the next day.  (Oh, this was becoming way too real way too fast for me!) So I could eat or drink until 6 the next morning and then nada.  I chose to refuse the sleeping pill they offered--although now looking back, I don't know what was wrong with me for thinking I would actually be able to sleep!  I think I managed to squeak in about 2 hours total, but not consecutive.  I did finally get into a nice chunk of sleep though when my nurse rushed in with my breakfast.  She had gotten it as early as she could, trying to allow me to eat one last thing before my day long fast--she scurried in at 5:45.  It wasn't a flavorful breakfast, but there's something tasty about your last meal for a while regardless.

Last preggo picture about 2 hours before delivery!
Thankfully, she also gave me permission to take a shower after breakfast (she really didn't want me to because it would raise my BP again, but I begged--I needed clean hair and a clean body for this!).  Then slowly, the family started trickling in and time started ticking away, closer and closer to noon...  All of my team started coming in to introduce themselves and explain what would be going on--which relaxed me because I knew the information, but freaked me out, because again, it was becoming so real.  And then 11:30 came.  Time for the family to vamoose and me to start getting prepped.  I was barely holding it together by then--I'm a weeper to begin with and my hormones were (and still aren't) helping with that.  Not to mention, I'm pretty much a big chicken and this was my first time to be a patient.  

So anyway, they got me all ready, Hunter went to get scrubs on, and they wheeled me to the OR.  Talk about an interesting feeling to be wheeled in there and see all of that stuff knowing it's about to be used to cut you open...eesh.  Anyway, got the spinal--not near as bad as I thought it would be; way easier than the IV--and then got strapped on down to the table as my body started getting warm and numb--another very odd feeling.  Hunter finally was able to come back in after what felt like forever.  But before we knew it, they were pulling her out.  Seriously, it's crazy how fast it happened after all the prep work was done.

Trying not to let the tears fall right as they started working on me
And then at 12:26, this big bundle of us was lifted up over the curtain and we heard that squeaky little cry :)  At that point, I couldn't hold it anymore and the tears started flowing.  They gave her to Hunter and we were able to be a little family.  That feeling is unexplainable.  

She's here!

First family photo :)  First thing I said when I saw her face: "Oh no, she has my nose!"

Arabella Jolie Newby
8 lbs. 11 1/2 oz.
19 3/4 inches
October 25, 2011
Then Hunter went with her to the nursery and they finished sewing me up.  Before they moved me onto the other bed, my anesthetist asked if I could wiggle my toes--and to both of our surprise, I could! Apparently that's not supposed to happen...  Anyway, another odd feeling--them rolling my mostly numb body onto the other bed.  I felt like I was about to meet the floor face first!  I was then wheeled off to recovery.

I struggled quite a bit with throwing up from the spinal.  From recovery until about 7 that evening, I threw up around 15-20 times.  Not pleasant.  Plus my face itched so bad that I almost clawed and/or chewed it off. I had started scratching my lips and chin with my teeth and not even realizing it.  My poor face was so red and chapped for the rest of the week :(  I was so out of it that afternoon it was ridiculous.  I could barely keep my eyes opened, much less comprehend anything that was happening.   And then they gave me Benadryl through my IV  (which the liquid children's version basically gives me a hangover) and within 15 seconds I was slurring my words and my eyes were closing whether I wanted them to or not...

Ok, you should feel honored.  I swore that none of these pictures of me would be seen by anybody!  This was the first time I got to hold her.  And you can see how red my nose and lips were getting from the constant scratching...
sweet, sweet daddy and his baby girl
But we had our baby and all was well :)

so this was actually the next day...but we're a family :)
I'll finish out the rest of our experience in some more posts in the next few days...

love, angie