Friday, January 16, 2015


How was my last post nearly two months ago?  Oh that's right...a 3 year old and an almost 3 month old demand my attention on the reg.  And with that come those never-ending loads of laundry, piles of dishes, and sleepless nights.  So, hello again blogland :)

Here are just a few of the random thoughts rumbling through my head these days...

1.  We made the switch to a minivan yesterday.  You read that right--a minivan.  2015 Toyota Sienna SE Premium...the sportiest little minivan we could find.  Or as Toyota calls them, "the ultimate swagger wagon".  (I cannot believe I drive something that claims that slogan for itself.  Or that I drive a minivan.  When did I become my mom?)  Anywho, I really do like it.  And I know we will love the space (Hunter already does) it has as our family takes trips and eventually grows some more.  But I LOVED my Explorer.  It was beautiful and comfortable and sassy.  But carseats are big, strollers are big, my husband is big...and it was just too tight for the long run.  So now, I'm officially a minivan mama.  Let's do this.

2.  There is a good possibility I may go into a slight state of depression at the end of the month when Parenthood ends.  I can't even compare it to another show.  I've always been one to get swept up in sitcoms or book series.  I fall in love with the characters and part of me really likes to think they're real.  And for the past six years, it's been really easy to believe that the Bravermans are chilling over there in California, living the life we get glimpses of each week (until I see them on another show, and I'm like, "go back to Berkley, Braverman!).  It is such a good show.  It's completely family oriented and walks its characters and audience through some real struggles that most families completely understand and relate to.  Family matters and this show proves that.  I am beyond sad it's ending...

3.  Speaking of shows, I have just absolutely fallen in love with Chip and JoAnna Gaines.  They are possibly the most precious couple I've ever seen and their designs are stunning.  Their show, "Fixer Upper" has become one of my absolute faves.  Plus, they're right up the road in Waco, so we're practically neighbors.  (ok,'s like 3 hours from here.  But Texas is big, y'all.  So that's actually close.)

4.  I get a little bit sick to my stomach when I think about the fact that my boy starts prep work for another turnaround in two weeks.  Last year was extremely tough on us because of how much he had to work...and knowing we're headed right back into that for another six months seriously makes me a little sick.  He's had this month "off" and it has been really nice.  But we've still had very few days that were relaxing and free.  We have two more weeks of him being off and we are going to soak up every little minute we can get.

5.  We get to visit our BFFs finally!  We were supposed to go up in December, but his turnaround didn't end like it was supposed to and all of our kiddos got sick so that had to get cancelled.  Then I went up by myself for a one night quick trip that had to get short due to the stomach bug.  I can't wait for us to all be in the same place and get to visit.  And for them to get to meet Kaplan!  Even though with four kids, you never know what that will end up looking like...  I'm so ok with it.  I just need my people.

That's all I got tonight folks!  It's back to getting this crazy house in some kind of order in between snuggles and giggles and goodness.  Major irony of parenthood:  you're always cleaning, but nothing is ever clean...

love, angie