Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday

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Today I'm thankful:

--that an end is in sight for this stinkin' turnaround!  Tuesday is supposed to be the day...I'm scared to hope, but too excited not to.

--that some miracle worked its way into my boy's schedule this weekend and he will, afterall, be able to join us as we take our youth group to Houston for SoulLink!  I have been pretty bummed that he wasn't going to get to go--especially since our best friends are coming with us, and if Hunter couldn't go, Kyle wasn't going to go either.  But now we all get to go!  Which leads me to my next point...

--for a weekend away with our best friends and we'll all be kidless!  Granted, we'll be surrounded by thousands of teenagers, but we don't have the responsibility of our toddlers this weekend (which is a major relief, especially for us mamas).  We'll be able to visit and relax, have true and undistracted worship together, and laugh...oh how we love to laugh!  Plus, I'm thankful for the chance to go see them last weekend for their son's first birthday party.  Hunter couldn't come to that, but we still had a good time.  And two weekends in a row makes my heart giddy!

--for the opportunity to take our youth group to this youth rally.  The caliber and size of this event are incredible; especially to be hosted at and by one congregation.  It's always a weekend that rekindles the fires in our hearts, strengthens the unity in our group, and refocuses on the work we need to do as skilled laborers of the Lord.  Watching these teens worship, have break downs and break throughs, choose to spend their weekend at the foot of the Cross--it's just incredible.  And I'm honored to get to be a part of it.

--for my parents being willing to keep all four of the grandchildren while my sister and I (and our husbands) take our youth groups to the rally.  It's a pretty selfless and overwhelming act to house those four little hooligans for the weekend, and we are ever so thankful for their help.

--that I've been able to stick to my mean plan every night this week!  Sometimes, I get a little off course if the week gets crazy; but so far, I'm right on track, and it feels good!

--that my mother-on-law is quite the seamstress and has agreed to make not only Arabella's Easter dress, but also my nieces and a tie for my nephew!  And that I found fabric that we LOVE!  They are seriously going to be the cutest things you have ever laid eyes on.

--that my sister's angels scooped her up out of harm's way Tuesday night as she was driving with a friend right past this building seconds before the explosion.  They were not hurt, but terrified and very shaken up.  There were also many people injured, and last I heard, some unaccounted for.  Please remember those affected by this unexpected catastrophe.

--funny, dramatic, touching TV shows that help me escape from reality a bit and help me pass the time.  I'm very productive, especially at night, as I sprawl out a project on the living room floor and watch episodes of my favorite shows.

--that the kind people at the Jennings Church of Christ were willing to record Patrick Mead's lessons from the youth rally they hosted, as well as his talks he gave at their meetings throughout that week.  I got them in the mail today and am anxious to hear the wisdom and word he delivered.

--that my sweet baby bug wasn't more sick than she is, and that I caught it in time with a doctor visit and some meds.  Saturday night's throwing up and major wheezing had me pretty concerned--but we caught the ear infection just as it was forming, and got her started on breathing treatments for the wheezing pronto.  So I'm also thankful for her pediatrician and having accessible medical care.  (Let me throw this note of thanks in this one as well:  our pediatric office house about 10 doctors.  Weekday mornings, they offer a walk-in clinic on a first come, first serve basis--meaning you see whichever doctor comes available first and it likely will not be your child's pediatrician.  Well, we've been blessed to have always and only seen Dr. Bartz, her actual pediatrician, at every visit, including  to the walk-in clinic.  I'm very thankful for that!)

--to be given the opportunity to help host a sweet friend's baby shower this weekend!  Her story is special and she is dear to my heart.  I'm looking so forward to being able to bless her little family this way!

--that Hunter was off on Tuesday, and even on that day off, he chose to work and get things done around the house.  This included steam cleaning our carpets (which turned into a fiasco when BOTH of the machines we rented from Lowe's were broken...and it's a 20 minute trip one way to our Lowe's...) and fixing some things outside.  He also watched sweet Arabella without resistance while I hosted my monthly Stampin' Up! stamp club.  He's pretty much the best.  (and he brought me a slice of Pecan Praline cheesecake from Pappadeaux on Saturday...and last night he brought me a Sonic sweet tea to church!  He spoils me.)

With this many things that I'm thankful for, I'd say it's been a pretty great week :)  

be grateful, give thanks

love, angie

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