Thursday, February 28, 2013

a little cleaning to welcome spring...

I so very much wish that I was one of those people who enjoys cleaning.  I mean, some people actually love doing laundry, bask in doing the dishes, have enough elbow grease to make any surface shine.  I am so not one of those people.

Although I LOVE a clean house, I just don't enjoy the process to make that happen.

After some blog hopping and Pinteresting, I've discovered a few cleaning products that I actually love using, so I thought I'd take today to share them with you.

1.  First up is a DIY concoction.  I've seen several of these floating around, specifically in the detergent form, but I just can't bring up the courage to run one of those through my dishwasher and I haven't found an HE version of the DIY laundry detergent (not that I'd be brave enough to cycle it through that machine either...).  However, this was a surface cleaner with only two ingredients and bragging credits to boot.  So I figured I could handle this one.  And boy am I glad I did.

I found it through Fabulessly Frugal, but it's also running through Pinterest.  So simple: white vinegar (12 oz) and blue Dawn soap (10 oz).  Who woulda thought?  Heat up the vinegar (about 2 minutes in the microwave), pour it in the bottle (you can get an empty spray bottle at WalMart for $1), then add you soap.  Gently swish it together and you're ready to clean!

I used it to clean my tub and shower and was amazed at how quickly and easily all the gunk came off.  At first I tried to spray, let it set, and come back to scrub (which is how I normally clean my shower area...partially so I can breathe once the chemical aroma has faded some).  However, this is more of a spray and scrub type formula.  And I hate the smell of vinegar.  Hate.  But the soap drowns it out just enough to make it tolerable.  It isn't a lovely smell that you'll be oohing over (unless you're one of those weird people who likes nasty smells), but it isn't one that will make you pass out from chemical intoxication either.

You can just keep adding to that same bottle if you're running low.  One of the big bottles of each ingredient will last you quite a while.  Give it a try!  It's cheap, and you'll be hooked :)

2.  For number two, this is actually a product I discovered in college:  Lysol Mold and Mildew.  Not bathroom cleaner, not kitchen cleaner.  Mold and Mildew.  I'm not always able to find this specific mixture at the store, so when I do, I get so excited!  I use this to clean my shower curtain (and formerly my tub and shower).  Now, I just did this today and my nostrils are still burning a little from it, but that's because--embarrassingly--I had let my shower curtain get pretty dadgum nasty.  But, after a quick and ample spray of this stuff all over it, that baby is shining again!

3.  Lastly, Method All Purpose Cleaner.  I have seen this stuff for a while now and been curious about it, but not wanting to impulse buy cleaning product because it just looks pretty, I had always resisted.  Until a few weeks ago, a blog I follow did a whole post on how much she loves it and how well it works.  So I splurged a little--making a trip to Target specifically for that (and obviously coming out with much more than just that...).

I got the pink bottle because it smells good, cleans all surfaces, and it's pretty :)

And let me tell you--this stuff works!  I am yet to find something it doesn't clean with ease, and I find myself actually wiping up things I would normally ignore for a while just to be able to use my Method cleaner!  It's also non toxic and scented, so the smell is not only not harmful, but it also smells fresh and lovely!  The pink bottle is pink grapefruit, and I just love the smell as much as how well it works.

I am trying to get in the habit of cleaning a little here and there instead of putting it off so long that it's overwhelming and realllly unenjoyable :/  We'll see how it goes.  I'm happy to report though, that as of today, our Master Bath is beaming in cleanliness!

How many of you out there are lovers of the cleaning process?  What about those of you like me, who enjoy the product but hate the process?

Also, floors are probably my biggest weakness.  I hate hate hate cleaning the floors (and with a toddler, they're probably what I should focus on the  Any tips or suggestions or products that would make that chore easier, or shall I even say somewhat enjoyable?

happy cleaning...(or at least not miserable cleaning),

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