Monday, February 4, 2013

14 Days of Love--Day 4

This one may be the corniest of the batch--well it may be tied for first (you'll know what the other one is in a few days...).  With my boy working such long shifts during this turnaround, he's been wanting some snacks to help stave off his hunger a little longer.  And when Bella started eating these--meaning we had them in the pantry--he got so excited.  It's like a little piece of his childhood coming back to life, and in a really tasty way :)

First time to Roatan (2006 after our mission trip in Honduras)

Day 4 brings about a bag of Goldfish crackers, and are you ready for this brilliant and cheesy pun?  (double bonus points if you caught the one I threw in right there before I had to tell you there was one...Oh man, this is getting ridiculous!  I'm out of control...I digress.)  "You are o'fish'ally my favorite!" 

You know you wanna chuckle.  It's ok.  Let it out. :)

My song choice for today (by the way, the songs don't really match the gift/pun because they're an addition.  I just chose a lot of songs that I love the words to and how they speak to me--then they're at random given to a day and that gift.  I also already have all of the gifts/puns planned but they don't coordinate with the day--it's just what I think will be fun the next day.  So the combination all kind of depends on what mood I'm in the night before :P) is "Always and Forever".  
Timeless; Classic; Lovely.

I knew I loved him; I knew I'd marry him; I knew I'd spend eternity with him.  But to go actively spread the love of Jesus together in a third world country connected us more deeply than I can explain.  Seeing him love those kids made me love him more.

he really is my favorite.  and has been as long as I've known him. and will be forever.

love, angie

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