Friday, February 15, 2013

Thankful Thursday...on a Friday.

Today I'm thankful:

--for my forever Valentine. My sweet husband who works so hard to love me well and protect and provide for us. He leads me, teaches me, and strengthens me; all while taking such good care of my heart. I'm so blessed to get to giggle my way through life with him.

--that I live close enough to my family to drive over and spend Valentine's Day with them since my man had to work.

--for a mom who's willing to stay up until after 2am chatting with me about anything and everything. I hope and pray that i can be that way for Bella and that she will want that from me when that time comes in our relationship.

--that the end of this turnaround is in sight! He still can't give me a day, but the last steps of the process are starting to happen.

--for a weekend with my best friend. I am in major need of some late night laughs and vents with this chica. Not to mention, we get to let our absolutely adorable babies play and have fun together too, and that's always super fun to watch.

--that the Carnival Triumph has made it safely into port and the passengers are safe and free!

--that the weather cooled off again. I love me some chilly weather--and chili weather!

--for the commitments I've had for my Women of Faith group this year. Really loving my ladies.

--for the acknowledgment and kind words from a friend earlier this week; such a nice boost for my spirits.

--that my darling angel was not seriously injured Sunday (a very heavy and large--20ish foot tall-- ladder toppled on top of my toddler) could have been devastating, but her Guardian cushioned her.

--for my parents who raised me to be passionate, firm, and fearless when standing for what I believe; but still to take that stand in love. To not be comfortable with complacency, but to crave growth and action. To live out loud through my behavior.

be grateful, give thanks.

love, angie

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