Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful:

--that my husband is OFF of work tomorrow!  He's on a turnaround (for those of you who are not familiar with the world of refineries, that's when they shutdown and overhaul a machine/unit.  It requires 24 hour manpower and the people on the job work 12 hr shifts and only get their 14th mandated day off for OSHA.)  Well since my guy is the engineer, he has to be there for all the meetings too that happen at shift change, so instead of 12 hr shifts, he's been working 14-17 hr shifts--everyday.  And the first four of those were graveyards--with a whole 20 hours off to transition into days.  Needless to say, we haven't seen much of him and he is absolutely exhausted.  So the fact that he gets to sleep in tomorrow and then spend the day with me and AJ makes me so excited!  That little girl has also been missing her daddy...

--for a sweet friend coming to sit with Bella while I brought my car to have the windshield replaced. It was early (for me and Bella...) and I really didn't want to have to wake her up and then deal with moving carseats and all that jazz; my sweet friend prevented all of those!

--that I'm getting my windshield replaced!  It's been cracked in two places for over a year, steadily getting worse; and now it's finally bad enough that it had to be replaced before getting my inspection.  I've enjoyed putting it off because I didn't want to pay for it, but at the same time, those cracks were driving me nuts!  It'll be so nice to drive with a smooth, clear view (and I better not get a rock chip anytime soon!).

--for the opportunity to teach our teenage girls on Wednesday nights.  They are so beautiful and precious, and I love my time with them.  I pray that the Spirit gives me the words and the wisdom that their hearts need.

--for a "well" report at Bella's follow up appointment today.  The sickness hit us at the same time which made for a very difficult and unpleasant couple of weeks--and of course it was when Hunter started his turnaround...  We still have a little bit of a lingering cough, but both of us are so much better than we were.

Be grateful, give thanks.

love, angie

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