Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year

Here we go again.  It's that time of year that everyone starts resolving to be better people in aspects of their lives, ranging from weight loss to financial responsibility to being a better spouse/friend/employee/whatever role to basically anything you can imagine.  

Sadly, many times these resolutions don't get far past the first week, if they're even acknowledged for that long.  Still, we continue trying to make the promises.  Maybe this year, we can stay a bit more focused.  

For 2013, some of my personal goals and resolutions are:
  • Stop letting other people and their issues steal my joy.  Focus on the blessings and happiness that surround me daily and stop allowing the Deceiver to overcome my thoughts through other people's troubles.
  • To continue and do better at meal planning.  It has been a fabulous habit, especially since Hunter's able to take the leftovers for lunch the next day.  
  • Become a more dedicated housekeeper.  That role has never come easily to me, but it's a skillset that it very important to my fella.  
  • Sew lots of pretties with my new machine and hobby!
  • Prioritize correctly.  I have a whole bunch of irons in the fire, and I need to make sure my priorities stay in the order they should.
  • Become more faithful in study and prayer time.
  • Play harder, laugh loudly, take tons of pictures, try new things, travel all over, make memories last.  Live.
 Now for two of my greatest roles in this life--they constantly need to be forged and molded into something even more beautiful.  

Family resolution:
  • Eat dinner at the table together whenever we're home (especially when AJ is awake to eat with us).
Couple's resolution:
  • Give each other more attention that speak our love languages.  We've listed some specific ways to do this to each other--hopefully we'll be better than every this year at expressing our love for each other fully.

Now that they're out here in blogland, I'll be able to have some virtual accountability :)

Don't let your attempts to make yourself and your life better be limited to the turning of the year.   Each day is new and fresh.  Constantly live a life of self-examination and craving for betterness.  

Love completely; live fully.

Make 2013 splendid!

love, angie

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