Monday, January 21, 2013

A Day Out!

We woke up to a beautiful Monday down here in the south!  What great weather to enjoy for all of our friends and small children who get the day off!

My sweet bug woke up late, as usual (which is so OK with me...).  So after breakfast/lunch, I decided we too would head out and enjoy this weather!  As sad as this may be, this was my first time to take her outside for the sole reason of playing...  I'm just not an outside person, so I really have to think about going outside since it's not something I crave.  Hopefully I'll get better about that as she gets older and can actually play :)

We took a few rides in her Cozy Coupe--too fun!  Our driveway is slightly inclined too, so I was able to let it go and let her "chase" me in it.  The cackling laughter was uncontainable--we both loved it!

Why are you taking pictures mom?  Get back there and push me around!

Mama even gave me a special treat while we were outside!  There was drool and stickiness everywhere--but she loved it and she felt like she was big (which I refuse to acknowledge how big she is...) so it was worth it--and we were outside ;) 

Yum to the um!

Like our driveway barricade? ;)  She only tried to get by it once and that was when a man walking his dog walked by--you can't do much to keep that girl away from a puppy!  A few of the neighbor kids were out running around and being silly too, and she was fascinated by (they're what she's staring at here).  It was a short little afternoon out as it ended tragically when the sucker was gone and the stick had to be thrown away...  Oh well--fun times while they lasted!  

Enjoy your day with your family, especially the wee ones and the aged ones!

love, angie

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