Saturday, January 19, 2013

a Pinterest Menu

Earlier this week, my BFF sent me to her board to find a Pinterest recipe she had found, tried, and loved.  This may have led to a small Pinterest stalking session of her food board (I mean, I had to scroll through there to find the one I was looking for anyway!), which gave me what I hope was a fabulous idea!

For the first pay period/two weeks of February (and if it goes well, maybe the whole month), I will be trying a new recipe from Pinterest every night.  I'm taking these last two weeks in January to go through and find the ones I want to try, print out the recipes, and make out a grocery list.  Then starting February 1, we'll be off to the exciting task of a new to us meal every night!

Hopefully I'm up for the challenge and hopefully I get some fabulous new recipes to add to my book of keepers :)

I'll post the recipes I make on here as well as our review after I cook it.  So hang around--and maybe even join us on our challenge!

love, angie

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