Friday, January 4, 2013

Little Girl, I hope to remember

Sweet little girl,

There are so many moments I want to keep fresh in my mind, able to pull them to memory at the slightest thought when I am swept away with how quickly you're growing up.  But I also want to remember the little things too.

Things I hope I never forget:

--the crinkle in your nose when you smile.
--the way your eyes light up when you see something new that intrigues you.  Wonder is written all over your face.
--how you crawl up in my lap (even as I sat down to write this post, here you came and here you sit).
--the sweet little "hey" you give your daddy when he comes home before you run/waddle up to greet him.
--the snuggles you give me in the middle of the night.
--your laugh.  It is the best sound in my world.  I know you'll always have a great giggle, but it'll change as you get older.  I want to remember each sound of it.
--the way you dance; you already know how to boogie.
--your sweet full open mouth kisses.  One morning last week, I went and got you out of bed and brought you back to lay down with me and daddy for a while.  The first thing you did when I sat you in our bed was lean over to each of us and give us a huge kiss.  You melted both of our hearts in that moment.
--how you blow kisses when I tell you I love you.
--the look on your face when you're trying to figure something out: dedication, determination, and curiosity.
--the way you giggle and suck in when I put my cold hands on your tummy.
--how you love on your babies and stuffed animals.  I don't think you could hug them any tighter, and you do that every time you pick one up.
--the sweet pat pats you give me when I pick you up (your sure sign of approval and gratitude).
--that you already love to read.  You drag book after book up to me and daddy to read to you (I also hope I never forget your daddy reading to you--I love that).  But you'll also sit on the floor and dig through your book basket, "reading" on your own.
--the way I feel when you reach for me.
--how you run away when I stand up and you're in a playful mood.  You are always on the lookout for someone to chase you.  (even if my errand started out not for the reason of chasing you, it quickly changes to that when I see you scurry away giggling!)
--and so much more.

love, mama

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