Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Louisiana Tech, I love thee...

Labor Day weekend is always move in weekend for the next batch of Tech bulldogs because school starts that next week.  Well, since Hunter's baby brother is in that batch, we made a little trip out of it to go help him move in and get settled--and do a little reminiscing.

BA's truck and U-Haul all loaded up and ready to make the trek!
There is just something about that little town.  We laughed and giggled as we remembered some of our most precious and fun times.  BA moved into the trailer park that Hunter lived in the year before we got married (along with 4 other close friends of ours) so that alone brought back so many stories.  Driving into town on Friday night Hunter says, "Man, just being back in this town makes me want to do something stupid!"

Do you remember those days?  When you could be stupid and you really didn't have that much to lose?  You didn't have enough money to invest a large amount into any of your escapades.  You didn't have a job to lose.  You were free.  Man, we took those days for granted.  We milked them for all they were worth, but at the same time, they flew by too fast.  Now, all of our friends are married and popping out babies--us included!  When did we grow up?!

While in Ruston, we were able to hit up the staples...The Dawg House of course; The BeeHive!!!;  Hot Rod BBQ;  The Tech Bookstore;  The Dawg House again;  and Johnny's pizza.  We rode around town (it's amazing how you don't forget your way around...) and even got to take a picture--despite TS Lee--with Arabella Street's sign!  I've had that name picked out for 5-6 years, and they built that little neighborhood our last year at Tech.  I got so excited and really wanted to get a picture with it during our little visit! little restaurant in Ruston.

Arabella on Arabella Street!
We were also able to surprise my little grandma while we were up there.  My oldest sister was down in Monroe for a friend's anniversary party.  So we met her up in Farmerville to pick up my grandma and have a little breakfast.  Our middle sister's one year old had been with Michelle for two weeks, so we also got to bring her home.  It was a nice little visit--especially since none of us get to see each other near enough.

Me, Hunter, Michelle (my oldest sister), Kailyn (Mel's youngest), and Rushie (our grandma)--surprise breakfast rendezvous!
It was a great little trip even though it rained the whole time.  We even got to squeeze in a little visit with our dear friends the Sassers on the way home.  BA's all moved in and settled and starts school Thursday.   It's wonderful to have someone else in the family going to school up there!  Now I know how my parents felt when they bugged the mess out of me and my sisters growing up about going to school there!

Sadly and weirdly--but also really nice--that will be my last outing until Thanksgiving.  We might make one more small day visit to Sulphur for a wedding reception at the end of the month.  But other than that, I'm locked down in the Golden Triangle.  We are such traveling people that the thought of staying at home for that many weeks (particularly weekends) is something I can't quite grasp!  Three months of weekends at home?!  That seriously has not happened since we've been married.  We've been luck during those four years if we have two weekends at home back to back.  But this little peanut will be here sometime in the next 8 weeks--and that is just nuts!  So home I stay...and it's kind of a refreshing thought :)

love, angie

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