Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 8

Short term goals for this month and why

So I got a little behind on the blogging challenge...this weekend was a crazy busy one!

Alright, short term goals:

1.  Write my thank you notes!!!  It's just a matter of making myself get started.  It's like grading essays while I was teaching; once I got started, it was ok.  But it just took a lot to get me motivated enough to sit down and do it (like the end of the 6 weeks and grades being due...).  And I'm noticing the same trend happening with these little notes!

2.  Finish the nursery. For the most part it's done.  But I still have to figure out where I want everything hung on the walls, and then get Hunter to actually do it.  Plus, there are still a few piles of clothes and knick knacks that need to find their home in there.  

3.  Get some meals made, divided, and frozen.  My lovely mother is making some for us too.  This will come in so handy once little bit gets here--especially since it'll be colder weather and soups will be very welcome.  Thawing a meal out and popping it on the stove or in the oven will be a lifesaver for me.

4.  Clean the house.  Like a good, deep clean.  We worked on it some two weekends ago and it felt great for the house to be so clean.  Now these dad-blasted lovebugs have come around and they are everywhere in my house...disgusting.  Plus all those little nit-picky things that we've been putting off.  We're finally about to be home for quite a bit (completely unheard of for us), so it'll be a great time to do those little tasks that we always say we'll get to eventually.  

5.  Rest.  I'm about to lose my ability to sleep and rest when I want to (it's already starting to happen a little as it's getting harder and harder to get comfortable).  So I'm going to take advantage of these last few weeks to myself--we only have 6 more to go!  Hopefully I can even read a few more books :)

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