Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Fall is here!!

I absolutely LOVE this time of year.  From here until January...mmm!  I mean, really.  Everybody just seems to get a little happier; the weather is crisp; the smells are fan-tas-tic; you can drink wassail and hot cocoa; the colors are beautiful; it's football season!!!; you can start playing Christmas music soon; it encourages snuggling.  What exactly is not to love about September-December?!

A lot of people may be the Spring and Summer type--not I.  I would so much rather be bundled up in cozy clothes or my favorite blanket than lying on a beach somewhere.  It probably has something to do with the fact that I've always lived in the true our winters rarely get below 30 degrees and it is a major deal when we get snow :)  I would also get super tired of the extreme cold if we lived up north.  But after a summer of 100-110 temps ALL summer, I am SO excited for Fall!  I mean how sad is it that it's 80 degrees out, and we think there's a nip in the air?!

1. So that's reason number one I'm excited--cooler temps (meaning snuggly clothes weather is close!).

SunnyMostly ClearSunny
SunnySunnyMostly ClearSunny
Feels Like: 73°

2.  Football season has begun!  I love football--live and on TV.  We were able to cheer on LSU this weekend and our Tech Dawgs--great times!  Also...the NFL season is getting kicked off tomorrow by none other than our Saints!!  It shall be fabulous!

3.  Fall decorations (and eventually Christmas!).  This is really the only time of year I change the look of our house in the slightest.  I just love putting it all out--again, it just puts me in a more chipper mood!

4.  Yummy treats!  Something about the holidays just makes people want to cook!  And thanks to Pinterest, I have so many new cute and easy ideas for themed snacks.  Not to mention candy corn!!  And after a few more drops in temp, we'll get to make some wassail and break out the peppermint bark.  Yummo!

love me some candy corn!




5.  It's just beautiful :)

Granted, we don't get to see the trees change quite like this down here, but the colors are still beautiful and we use them to decorate with!

Who doesn't love a good pumpkin patch?
6.  Specific to this year--we get to welcome our sweet little Arabella Jolie into the world!  Nothing better...and she's coming during the best time of the year!

32 weeks--she'll be here before we know it!

Happy Fall!

love, angie

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