Monday, September 19, 2011

Crazy busy weekend!

This past weekend was absolutely jam-packed!  We had something going on every night last week, and then I've been going nonstop since Friday morning.  Today is definitely a day of rest for me.

Friday--I had a hair appointment at 9.  It was an absolute disaster and I left looking like Shirley Temple.  But, a quick washing made it ok.  However, I've given up on getting my hair cut or fixed over here.  We live close enough to Lake Charles that I will just continue to line up my appointments with visits home.  Why mess up a good thing that you know works, right?  Sheesh...

Pardon the face, but I was not happy!  Do those look like soft curls to you? Does anything about that hairstyle look natural?!  It was awful...
We had our maternity pictures that evening in Lake Charles, so I spent the day ironing our outfits and packing everything up that we'd need.  Plus, on top of the normal getting ready for something special, I had to de-Shirleyfy my hair.  I picked him up at work, we fled to his dad's house so he could shower and get ready, and then went to meet the photographers just in time (we didn't have much time with the sunlight!).  We were able to eat dinner that night with my parents and his dad and stepmom.  It was a nice little visit and we're glad it worked out...but we got home late.

Saturday--I had a baby shower that morning in Silsbee for our coworkers and friends over here.  It was fun to catch up with them :)

My lovely hostesses and dear friends, Shellye and Brooke 
The two wee ones were not very cooperative as you can see...but I'm glad my mama was able to make it and bring them with her!
That evening, we had a going away party for Hunter's boss (and Hunter kind of took on the role of planning it...which really meant I had to get most of it together.  I mean really, what man actually does the planning of party?).  So that afternoon we were busy getting everything together and ready for that.  We headed over there around 5 and didn't leave until 1 that morning...I was exhausted!  But it was fun

Some of the guys in Hunter's group.  Laurence (front, center) and his family are moving to Australia this week.  He has been an amazing influence on Hunter in the work world and he's going to miss him quite a bit!
Sunday--Hunter had to leave for a work trip at 5:30.  So I snuck in a few more snoozes before getting up and getting ready for church.  We had another baby shower that afternoon given my the ladies at church.  So after services, we rushed home (my sister, brother-in-law, mom, and two nieces were over for the shower) and made lunch pretty quickly.  Then we headed right back up to the church for the shower!  It was a lot of fun, and we're just so blessed to have so many precious people in our lives.

My sweet hostesses!  Misty, Heather, Dajuanna, Dori, Joyce, Tammy, and Melanie...fabulous women!
Just a fair warning to those of you who will be having showers in the near future.  Be careful what faces you make when you open your gifts!  I would have posted some of those, but the expressions on my face are horrible!!  I wasn't making faces on purpose, but beware--the camera is not always your friend!

When I finally got home and my family headed back to Lake Charles, I rented a movie, picked up some snacks and sat myself on the couch for the rest of the night :)

This weekend was a whirlwind, and I don't think we could have fit anything else in it!  It was packed with fun and memories, and I'm glad I was able to pull through and enjoy it all.  But as I said earlier, today is now my day of rest.  My little swollen ankles are propped and I have no plans (until Precept class tonight).  The dishes can wait.  The piles in the living room can wait.  My errands can wait.  I may even take a nap :)

love, angie

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