Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 5

A picture of somewhere you have been

This is tough!  We have always been a traveling family, and thankfully I married someone who also loves to travel.  I've narrowed it down to two places--one is just not enough!

1.  Honduras.  In college, we were blessed to be able to travel to San Pedro Sula, Honduras twice for mission trips.  We worked with a family down there who had begun a church and a daycare.  We held services and VBS in the evenings, and worked on improving the buildings during the day.  As usual, it was more of a blessing to us than the people we went "to bless".  It is awesome to see God's hand at work in other countries, and I am so grateful to have gotten to be able to experience it.  

The Godoy family

Walking back down the mountain with Brian

Hunter playing pat-a-cake with one of the kids in the orphanage in town.

One of the murals our group painted on the side of the daycare.

Hunter and some other boys building an awning for the upstairs deck.

Loving on those kids :)

We were able to take the kids to Pizza Hut one day.  Most of them (if not all of them) had never left their little impoverished community.  It was amazing to watch them in their amazement as they scarfed down their pizza (another delicacy many of them had never tasted) in a restaurant and then get to play on the play place!

Tania and Christian....Tania stole our hearts and we would have taken her home had we been able.  The innocence these children have and the joy is just unreal--especially when we compare the way they are growing up to the way we did.  It'll melt your heart.
The first trip, we were able to spend the last two days in Roatan--one of the Bay Islands.  It was absolutely gorgeous.    Hunter and I have been back there twice since then, and neither time was it as pretty as that first one.  I'm so glad we were able to go!
We were also able to visit the Mayan ruins in Copan on our second trip.  They were amazing!

2.  Alaska.  This was probably the most beautiful place I've ever seen.  It topped all of the sites in Colorado and Wyoming; it blew away the clear water and sandy beaches of the Caribbean.  We were able to go on a cruise in Alaska two summers ago.  The weather was absolutely perfect the entire trip and we were able to see some amazing things.  We can't wait to go back--hopefully next time, we'll do some more land touring.  

The glaciers were beautiful--and huge!

We were able to go whale watching in Juneau.  It was incredible!  We saw several pods of humpback whales.

If I remember correctly, this is a station for the Coast Guard in Ketchikan.  Regardless, it's beautiful.

Us in front of the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau.

Sunset on the boat--at like 11:30 p.m.  
On a suspension bridge in the Yukon--technically Canada, but it was on our Alaskan vacation :)

Another glacier--this one kind of helps show how huge they are and how far back they go.  

And another glacier--they were phenomenal.  And the calving (when chunks would fall off) was unbelievable.  Talk about loud!  The whole thing just creaks and moans constantly because it's moving, ever so slowly.  

I hope life takes you to some incredible places.  Happy Trails!

love, angie

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