Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blessed through the brokenness

Last month, I posted about precious little Declan Jace Carroll who Jesus took home at 4 months old.  The journey that the Carroll family has walked through has been a living testimony of faith and has served as a blessing and inspiration to so many people.  They have fully allowed the Lord to use their lives and their family in the way that He wanted, not allowing fear or earthly wishes to get in the way of that.  This story has been a true example of faith to me.  So many times, we focus on our faith to be that God will give us what we pray for--essentially what we want to happen.  But true faith means believing fully that He knows and sees the whole picture and plan; true faith is fully believing that He is beyond capable of healing and mending whatever our problem is at the time.  But if He doesn't, it's not because of a lack of faith.  It's because again, he knows and sees the whole plan.

Little Declan only lived on this earth for four short months, but his life and death are being used to spread the love of Jesus and strengthen the faith of unknown numbers of people.

Below is the video of the memorial service.  Please take the time to watch it and soak in the words that the Lord provided to Jason (Declan's father).

You are loved.

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