Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 years...

It's hard to believe I'm even old enough for such a vivid memory to have happened ten years ago.  I know that most Americans are taking time today to remember the lives lost, the families affected, and the country's strength on 9/11/01.  I wish that reflection would happen on more of a regular occasion.

I love living in this country.  I am proud of where I come from.  I have always been a huge supporter of our military and civil servants--those who make ultimate sacrifices to continually provide us with our freedoms and convenience.  

Alan Jackson's song written for that horrid occasion is such a powerful one.  There were so many different reactions; different beliefs on what had happened and who was involved; different levels of political knowledge.  But it all comes down to the cord that holds us together--love.  His quote of the Corinthian scripture is a vivid reminder of the importance of love, even and especially in a time of tragedy.  Show compassion and care for your fellow Americans, as well as all mankind.  Remember our soldiers who are fighting for us, but also remember those lives being affected who are not associated with our country.  Love is the only thing that will ever bring us to the ultimate goal.  Love is the only thing that will allow us to reunite with those we have lost.  Love is the greatest gift.

I was a freshman in High School when those four planes were hijacked by hatred and thousands died.  I could not fully comprehend the magnitude of those attacks at that time; but the videos and pictures were gut-wrenching.  It's already been ten years.  Has America become a better country as a result of this tragedy?  Or has it grown numb to those wounds?  

World Trade Center, Towers 1 and 2
The Pentagon
Flight 93, Shanksville, PA

Never forget.  

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