Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blogging 30 day challenge, Day One

I'm going to give it a go :)  I was blog stalking one of my dear friends and saw that she had done this last year.  I think it'll be a fun change of pace.  I'll still be posting other random bits of my thoughts and our lives as they happen, but I'll have the challenge going as well...let's see how good I am at blog-multi-tasking!

Day One--A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

It's Me :)
1.  I'm currently 8 months pregnant with our first child--a baby girl expected on Halloween, Arabella Jolie Newby :)

2.  I now live in Texas due to my husband's job, but I am and will always be a Louisiana girl through and through.

3.  I taught 8th grade English and GT for 3 years, and really enjoyed the teaching part.  I resigned in order to be a stay-at-home mom.  I don't miss the politics and the paperwork and the drama, but I do miss my kids and teaching.

Some of my kiddos from last year on our DC trip.  I'm down there in the front and in the middle.  Love my kids!
4.  I love the smell of dryer exhaust.

5.  I love language--reading is my absolute escape.  We went to Roatan, Honduras on vacation last year--the boys went diving and snorkeling, spending most of their time in the water.  Me?  I spent the week in a hammock and read 5 books :)  Perfection.

6.  I miss marching band--call me nerdy, but I had fun. I played flute/piccolo, keyboard, and xylophone/pit. 
Our drumline--please pardon my attempt to have a serious face; I know I look like a dork.  But I loved these boys (and the other girls!).  I miss it.
7.  I was seventh in the third grade regional Spelling Bee. I missed the word "aloof" (I said a-l-u-f-e) and still cringe when I see that word in a book. It haunts me.  The girl who got second place missed "bayou" do you live in Louisiana and miss the word "bayou"?!  Oh, and I love watching the Scripps National Spelling Bee too. 

8.  I got married barefoot.

9.  I married my best friend four years ago. We've been together for eight and a half years. The first time I left my house with Hunter, my dad told my mom that I just left with my future husband. Daddy knows best. Also, you know the saying "a girl marries someone who is like her father"? This proverb is true for me to a nearly creepy extent. 

People are usually intimidated by them (Hunter because of his size,  My dad because he always seems so serious), but in reality, they are two of the biggest goobers I know--and love!  It really is kind of scary how much alike they are though.
10.  I have very sensitive hearing...I hear almost everything. Some of my friends call me the "Russian Radar".   It also came in very handy while I was teaching!

11.  I am a winter bug :)  I absolutely love and look forward to September-December every year!  I love the holidays and weather they's just beautiful!

12.  I adore my nieces and nephew and it is so hard for me to think that I will be able to love Arabella even more.  Those three have a huge piece of my heart.

Abygail, Evan, and Kailyn--I'm not kidding.  They've got a huge chunk of my heart--and they know it!
13.  My brother-in-law's hip bone is the same height as my shoulder. Needless to say, I am the shrimp of the family. But I also have some of the greatest protectors I could have ever asked for.  Plus, having grown up with two sisters, it's nice to finally have some brothers (most of the time!).

You can't really tell how super tall they are in this picture, but I love those three boys (and Lindsey!).  To give you a clue, Hunter and Blaine are 6'4"ish.  BA is 6'10".  And Lindsey is wearing 3.5" heels!  But we really are great together :)
14.  My dream jobs--either to be an elementary school librarian or to open my own tutoring company.  Or who knows, maybe both?!

15.  I believe in Jesus as my savior and strive to live my life for him. It's amazing to know that even though I fail...often...his love is unconditional. He is truly magnificent.  The past two-three years have been a journey for me as I'm learning to delve more into my relationship with Him more than my religion.  It's been fabulous, and it's only going to get better!

One down, Twenty-nine to go!

love, angie

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