Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 11

A picture of your family

This is technically supposed to be another post of my friends--but I've already done that.  So I'm going to add an extra family day.  This one will be my family, and the next one will be Hunter's.  That just floated my boat a little better :)

Mi familia...they really are fantastic.
Oldest Sis--Michelle
Middle Sis--Melonie
Baby Sis--Me

That's our core.  Then add the boys and kids.
Hunter--my boy
Aaron--Mel's boy
Aby--Mel's oldest
Evan--Mel's middle
Kailyn--Mel's wee one

I know I've already talked a lot about my parents.  If you've read any of my posts, you should know how much I love and respect them.  I'm so grateful for the way they raised me, and I'm so blessed to have such a fantastic family.  Obviously this was taken at our wedding, August 2007.

Family photo taken in the fall of 2009.  My dad's sister and brother-in-law joined us.  Sadly, a few months later, we lost him to cancer.  Joyously, a few months after this, Mel told us she was pregnant with Kailyn.

Family photo taken Labor Day weekend 2010.
Christmas 2010--our true colors are coming out :)  This is the ever so popular "Papa face".  My dad and the kids make faces together all the time, and this one has become a staple.
My sisters on my graduation day from Louisiana Tech.  They are two of my absolute best friends.  Mel (left) is my middle sister.  We're four years apart which made for some interesting fights growing up.  But by the time I reached Middle/High school, we were best friends.  We can't stay mad at each other because we just start laughing (unless it's something major--but I can't even think of an example instance!).  She's a goober, but we have a lot of fun together.  Michelle (right) is my oldest sister.  We're seven years apart so growing up, she was a "lookout" for me so to speak.  I've always looked up to her, and as I've gotten older, our relationship has molded from one of protection and admiration to true friendship (although I do still admire her!).  They are two people whom I know will always be there for me no matter the inconvenience on themselves.  I am so grateful to have lifelong friends in them.
The boys got added to our family in 2003--and they shook things up!  We were used to our little 5some.  And we were really used to the operation of girls.  Dad joked (kind of) about how much the Wendy's bill increased when we added those two--the two of them ate as much as the five of us!  They've added laughs, personality, and some playmates for dad :)  We definitely got some good ones!
My sweet, sweet nieces and nephew--all three belong to Mel and Aaron.    They have completely changed the family dynamic in such a good way.  They are precious and beautiful and hilarious and we all just love them to pieces!
The little lady sitting in the front is my grandma (my mom's mom).  We call her Rue--her name is Jerusha, hence Rue--and she is my only living grandparent.  Her husband sitting next to her just passed away last month.  They were married in 2006.  These are most of my cousins and their kiddos--although we're missing about five cousins, and the number of kids keeps expanding!

So there's my side of the family in a very small nutshell.  I absolutely love them and am so grateful that we are able to spend so much time together.  That's where I come from :)

love, angie

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