Tuesday, May 28, 2013

the best song I'll ever write...

I am by no means a lyricist.  However, I do enjoy writing (hence the blog, ahem).  It's always been my favorite and most effective means of communication.  If I'm upset or angry, I want to write a letter to express my feelings.  If I'm thankful, I like to write a note of gratitude.  I write out our year's synopsis on our Christmas cards; I leave notes around the house for my husband to find; I have narrated my child's first year in her baby book.  I love to write.

So I may not write song lyrics, but I do love to write.  And on top of that, I absolutely love music.  And the key to a good song to me is not only in the instruments or melody or musical ability--no surprise here, it's in the words.  If written properly, a song can hit me in my deepest core and express what my heart struggles to ever so poetically.

So when I first heard this song, my heart wrapped around it immediately.

Arabella, my sweet daughter, you are my best story, my best artwork, my best song.   My life and example is slowly helping scribe you into the woman you will become one day.  It is not an easy task, and it isn't even always fun.  It's demanding and exhausting, yet exhilarating.  Each day, a little bit more of your story gets written.  I strive to give it my all, and can only "pray that you hear Jesus in it when you're older..."

I love you, my sweet, precious, beautiful gift.  

love, mama

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