Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hoot Knows Jewelry

A sweet friend of mine, Brooklyn, personifies beauty to me.  She was gifted with sparkling eyes and a contagious smile.  Her sense of style is modest and trendy, and she accessorizes with the best of them.  On top of this, her humble and soft spirit compliment her passionate love for Jesus.  I'm telling you, the girl just radiates beauty!

See what I mean?  Beautiful.
She's a fellow blogger and has also begun making and selling her own jewelry line, Hoot Knows!  We were able to stop in and visit with her and her husband a couple of weeks ago, and she allowed me to peruse her stock and select some pretties to keep as my own.  I could hardly decide what I wanted because I wanted all of it!

I managed to narrow my choices down to two pairs of earrings and two necklaces.  They are perfect!  Simple, yet they make a statement.  L.O.V.E.

I got these two pairs of earrings, "Pearly Whites" and "Jade Love Birds".  
The pearls are so classy.  Not only do they go with every single thing imaginable, but the drop design adds a perfectly simple touch of sparkle.  
And the birds are so sweet.  I am loving the oil rubbed bronze color, not to mention the mint color the jade stones take on.  They add just a little fun and whimsy to any outfit.

Although I don't wear jewelry all that often (especially since my wee one decided they look like really fun toys), I have worn each of these pieces multiple times since I got them a couple of weeks ago!  Since I don't wear earrings every day, I usually can't leave them in for more than an hour or so before they start hurting my ears.  And then I pay for it once I take them out by having sore ears sometimes even into the next day...  But these earrings have not bothered my ears at all!  They're light weight and made of good material.  I barely remembered I was wearing them until I'd catch a glance in the mirror.

And the necklaces are so fun!  Both are oiled bronze in color, one with an oval owl pendant (I am so into the owl phase that's happening now), and the other is a dangling charm peacock.  He jingles when I walk which makes him even more festive in my opinion :)  The chains also add quite a bit of character, being they're not the normal thin and plain ones.

I know it's a little blurry (thanks to cropping an iPhone photo), but this gives you an idea of how perfectly these necklaces accent your wardrobe (this is the Peacock).  They are the perfect length, size, and weight; and they're also the perfect combination of detail and simplicity.  

Plus, she brings out her crafty side even more and provides your jewelry on these beautiful placards made of sheet music.  Just a beautiful touch that makes the homemade love clear...

So here's the really good news!  Brooklyn is offering a discount code for all of my "dancing" readers!

Here's what you need to do:

  • Visit her website and check out her really cool stuff! 
    • She's always making new things to replace what sells so the inventory will not always be the same--and she also does custom work if that's something you're interested in!  
  • Put the pretties you want in your cart and enter the code: DANCING10 (must be in all caps) to receive a 10% discount!
Help support my sweet friend and her talents--and get yourself some trendy trinkets and some unique Southern charm in the process!  Give her some love, blogland.  You'll be glad you did.

love, angie

**as of today, she has not yet posted any of the necklaces.  However, she is planning to add some more product in the next few days.  If you're interested in a necklace, contact her directly using the contact button on her website!

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