Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Anniversary, mom and dad!

Today marks 37 years of wedded bliss for my parents--what an accomplishment!  Especially in today's society, that number is so special to me, and I only pray it grows higher than any of us ever dreamed.

Their marriage has given me the example of dedication to live out in my own.  Don't give up--tough it out.  Don't betray--have their back.  Don't belittle--uplift.

Thanks for sticking to your vows and living out your promises; for loving each other through every up and down and twist and turn that life has put in your path; for living a faithful life; for raising three independent daughters who live in love with Jesus; for making it this far and still going strong.

I hope that you enjoy the day celebrating the gift you have been to one another!

love, angie

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