Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

I've had the privilege to tour the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery twice; the first time, Hunter and I were able to break from the group to visit the grave of a friend and fallen soldier.

Those moments hit hard.

Last night, we watched Zero Dark Thirty, the movie based on the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden.  When the scene came of the soldiers boarder the aircraft and then their sitting and waiting, knowing those might possibly be their last moments alive...I was really overcome with the gravity of these situations that these men and women volunteer to step in to.  And that they do it any way.  All I could say was that I could never imagine getting on that helicopter...or getting off of it...or walking into that building to meet who knows what...  But they did.  And they do.  And they will.

Those moments hit hard.

Touring the World War II, Vietnam, and Korean War Memorials in Washington DC...  Watching my students' faces as they take in what they're looking at...seeing them circle together and pray...seeing the gravity strike them.

Those moments hit hard.

Getting the call that one of your husband's close friends growing up has died in service...and then having to deliver the news to him.  Watching him grieve through that situation and not being able to do anything.  Seeing the family embrace their new vacancy.  Sitting through his memorial service when he was much too young to die.

Those moments hit hard.

So today as you celebrate Memorial Day, be sure to celebrate more than a day off or a family get together.  Celebrate the lives that were given for you and me.  Celebrate the families who are getting together even though someone is missing.  Give thanks for the service and recognize the loss.  Celebrate the bravery; celebrate the sacrifice; celebrate the freedom.

We cannot thank them enough.  But that by no means gives us reason not to try.
love, angie

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