Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Things I will not miss...

about this pregnancy:

  • heartburn/indigestion.  Prilosec has been a lifesaver this past month, but these last few days, it's been acting up again
  • not being able to breathe.  Relaxed lungs plus anemia have made this symptom pretty strong...and the one I am most exhausted by and ready to be rid of.  
  • varicose veins.  Didn't have them with Bella and really don't like them.  I only pray they go away after delivery :/
  • my mood.  I am so ready to not get annoyed with everything and everyone and get back to feeling like my normal self.
  • reflux/coughing every single time I eat or drink anything.  I really thought I had a cough left over from a cold I got after traveling to my sister's and couldn't shake it.  However, when a nurse friend of mine asked if it was reflux and I started paying attention to when it happened, it all made sense.  I cough aaallllll the time and it is so annoying!
  • his knee protruding right at the edge of my ribs.  He has one spot that he loves to push on and he pushes hard
  • not sleeping through the night.  Believe me--I know this will only get worse for at least the first few months after he's born.  But right now I just can't sleep for no good reason...and when I do I have to be propped up just the right way on just the right number of pillows.

However, as much as I am ready to be done, there are things I will miss.  

--Most of all, I'll miss the movements.  He's strong and a lot of time he hurts me (and I have to push back to remind him who's boss :P)...but those feelings are so special and like absolutely nothing else.  It's what I miss desperately when I'm not pregnant.

--I'll miss Arabella being an only child.  This realization has been hitting me a lot and more intensely here lately.  It's so hard to think that all of these moments of it being just the three of us are about to change completely and forever.  

--The smiles and the questions and the anticipation that come with the baby belly.

His room is finally starting to come together and I've spent every day this week working in there in some way or another.  I also find myself sneaking in there (sometimes without even realizing) just to sit and look around.  I picture us having another baby; I try to imagine what he will look like and what his personality will be; I just think and try to grasp the reality of our timeline; I give thanks and pray for our son and his big sister...  Right now, his room is so peaceful and I just can't get enough.

No matter what I am tired of or not ready to let go of, our little fella will be here in less than a month. Part of me knows these next 3.5 weeks are going to fly by (just typing 3.5 weeks makes my heart beat fast--holy moly, that's soon!).  And another part of me feels like we still have a way long time to go (and that list up at the top makes it hard for me to think about that...)  My to-do list grows every day--even though I am in full on nesting mode and getting a lot done.  I also have another shower on Sunday that I am so excited about and blessed by.  So we'll keep busy!

Less than 4 weeks...2 more paychecks...2 more doctor's appointments...1 more "month" (as in a calendar flip, not time frame)...Just wow.

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