Monday, September 29, 2014

Kaplan's Texas (church) baby shower

This past weekend, our sweet church family also hosted us a shower.  They used a "little man" theme that revolved around mustaches (something else I have always loved and think is just adorable!)  It was SO stinkin' cute! 

This was only a week after my other shower (so I was 36 weeks), but he had grown!

My beautiful hostesses!  
Debbie, Windy, Dajuanna, and Tomya
These ladies have become family away from home and are so dear to my heart.  Some special bonds happen when you do Kingdom work together, and I am so blessed to love alongside these beauties!

(: And here we are in truer form :)

So glad my mama and sister (and Abygail) were able to drive over for it!

This little girl... She's had my heart for over eight years now. She's my sister's oldest and my buddy from day one.  Big time Gigi's girl (and she knows it!) 

Here's some closeups and details about what all was on that table we're behind:
First of all, those plates and napkins--how adorable can you get?!  The cupcakes...oh the cupcakes were so delightful.  There were buttered pecan cupcakes with cream cheese buttered pecan icing; caramel apple cupcakes filled with caramel and topped with caramel apple icing; and pumpkin spice cupcakes with maple cinnamon cream cheese icing.  I can feel my blood sugar rising...they were so good!  They also had little mustache toothpicks in them to add a little manly flair :)  

There were some little bowls of other small snacks (nuts and Reese's and the like).  

This table also had the punch and water bottles on it (the water was on ice in that big red tub).  They wrapped the water bottles with mustache duct tape and they were precious!  The sign there said, "Wet Your Whiskers"...if you know anything about me, you know I'm a sucker for a good pun--and this shower was FULL of them!

They cut out mustaches (with a Cricut) and glued them to clothespins.  This was a fun spin on the traditional baby shower game that kept with the theme.

They had a basket of diapers out with some Sharpies next to this sign (oh my goodness with the wording--sooo cute!) for people to write me some little messages to make me smile when I have to change that wrinkly little booty over and over and over and over again...  

It was pretty fun to see what some people came up with!  Plus, we'll take all the diapers we can get!

They also had "Wishes for the Little Man" cards out for each guest to fill out.  Again, these words are so special to me and I teared up reading each one.  Thankfully I did that at home this time and they didn't read them all out loud like they did at the other shower!

This game was too cute of an idea and was a lot of fun!  Those are all pictures of famous people with mustaches, but the top half of their face is covered.  It was fun to watch everyone try to figure out where they had seen that 'stache before!

Who doesn't love a good guessing game?  Especially when you get to keep the item and the item is candy!  The lady who won was only 7 off, which I thought was really impressive!

The gift table!  I bought that little chalkboard for another shower I hosted and loved that it was getting to be used again :)  They wrote, "Stache your presents here" on the board--I'm telling you, the puns were everywhere and fantastic!

It took us a loooooong time to settle on a name for this little man child.  My dad got tired of him not having a name and decided he was just going to call him Gomer...  We knew the middle name was Paul; so not only was Gomer bad enough alone, but Gomer Paul?  A little too close to this goober for comfort...  Anywho, he has my nephew calling him Gomer and had Bella on his team for a while (although she is swift to correct him now!)  It made me giggle to see his little note he added on to the card.  Mom had no clue he had written anything on there until I showed it to her before I opened it :P

Oh, that miracle medicine.  Based on my expression and reaction to receiving it, you should be able to infer how much of a lifesaver that stuff was with Bella.  It goes with us everywhere...

This made me giggle :)  Our friend, Danielle, was SO kind to give us this huge box of diapers (on top of so many other gifts!)...but the addition of all the mustaches to the babies on the box was just priceless!

She also gave us the gorgeous frame!  I absolutely cannot wait to get a family picture taken of our new little foursome to put in it.

This sweet friend of mine makes me look huge will be having her little girl the same week we have our little man.  Our first kiddos (also opposite genders) are four months apart; it was too funny when we found out each other was pregnant together again...and this time only a week apart!

Hunter and I have been very involved with our youth group these past five years.  These two ladybirds were so sweet to come love on me this special day!  I have gotten so close to all of these kids and I love them in a way I never could explain.  They keep me giggling, they keep me questioning, and they keep me accountable.  And we have a good time :)

Our "stache"!  We got SO many things we needed and SO many fun extras!

Here's a sneak peek at one of the water bottles!
These are the cookies I made as thank you favors for our guests this time (I'll have a separate post on those soon).

Hunter and I never would have imagined we'd live in Texas...but these people up here make it an okay place to be.  In all sincerity, they have been such a stable force for us these past six years and we are beyond blessed to serve with them.  It is an honor and a joy to raise my kids and in this church family.  They love us so well.  I hope they feel the same from us!

love, angie

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