Thursday, September 25, 2014

Crafting for my kiddos

I found these adorable shirts on Etsy quite a while back, and knew that when we had another kid, I would be getting some of them.

The more I looked at them, the more I knew how easy they would be to make.  So that was my project earlier this week.

I browsed through Hobby Lobby and JoAnn, trying to narrow down which fabrics to use that were fun, whose patterns would show up when a letter was cut out of it, that coordinated with each other...this was the hardest part.  There are SO many pretty fabrics out there, people!

*I also got the shirt and onesies from Hobby Lobby.  I love how thick they are; and for little girls, they have the capped sleeves and fitted waist instead of just normal t-shirts. *

Once I got them picked out, I had to choose which order they would go in to look the best...also not extremely easy, and this step had me second guessing some of my choices.

After that, assembly was all that was needed!  I used the Cricut (that I kidnapped from my mom and just won't give back :) to cut out the letters.  If you have good, creative handwriting, you could just freehand them; but I knew my letters would be all different sizes and all kinds of funky looking (in a bad way), so I opted to let the Cricut do the work there (I used the Lyrical Letters cartridge, Jumbo font).

*it's best to wash all of your fabric before using--no fabric softener*

Once those are all cut out, trim down your fabric and adhere some Heat n Bond to it.  Trace your letters that you cut out on there (make sure to place the letter backwards when you trace it so your letter and pattern are facing the correct way when they're cut out--remember you're tracing on the back).  After you trace, cut those out by hand (fabric scissors and mini paper snips work best--especially if your working with small or intricate letters or designs).  Peel off the paper backing, arrange your art work on the shirt or dress or whatever you're working on, and iron away!  If you have any letters with a dot, a button makes a fun touch too!

I used the sewable Heat n Bond because my mother in law is going to stitch around the edges to add a little  pop and definition.  It's not as sticky as the no sew kind, so be gentle even after they're stuck.

Only 3.5 more weeks until my sweet babies get to wear these at the hospital!  I'm loving them--and I love that I made them :)

She's so excited to be a big sister!  And she loved the shirts mama made for her and "Kappy-an" :)
(I had some Tech fabric, so I made those as well while I was at it!  I just have to get Arabella another shirt--but hers will look just like his but with an A)

I still have a few more projects to work on (and several I've already done)...hoping to get those shared here soon.  Apparently this pregnancy brought out the project crafter in me--which wasn't hidden that deeply to begin with :)

What have you been working on?  Or seen recently that you can't wait to create?
happy crafting, angie

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