Monday, September 22, 2014

Premiere Week is Here!

Oh, I'm a sucker for some dramatic sitcoms...  I'm also a sucker for humorous ones.  Really anything with a great story line, believable characters, and can take me away from reality for just a little while.

Summer can be quite annoying (especially since it isn't my favorite time of year anyway...) when they all go off air.  And hardly anything good comes on in its place.  Boo on that.

BUT, premiere week for our Fall shows has finally arrived!  Here's our lineup...

(Embarrassingly enough to admit, our summer addiction has become Big Brother--thanks to Hunter and his MALE work buddies...the show is nothing but drama and silliness, but once you start watching, it sucks you in like a black hole.  Anyway, the Finale of that show also comes on this week.  We're rooting for Derrick!)

Tonight, The Blacklist kicks it all off.  We started this one last year with episode 1 when the show first aired, and we were pretty much immediately hooked.  As soon as you think you have something figured out, they throw another twist in.  It can be a little creepy and is always suspenseful (the fact that it comes on so late isn't great since it's not the best show to try to go to sleep after watching--your mind is racing!).  I'm excited for Hunter to get home from work and settled so we can watch it ASAP!

The Biggest Loser kicked off a few weeks ago, but it's still a Fall show so it's going on the list.  We started watching this several years ago when someone my sister went to college with and I knew from years and years of youth rallies was a contestant.  We really fell in love with it.  It can be a little dramatic at times, but it really is reality TV.  These are real people facing and working through real issues that so many others are going through as well.  Plus, the lifestyle changes it implements and encourages are just wonderful.  Good, positive, life-changing stories--you don't find that often anymore.

Parks and Recreation comes back too.  Hunter's brother got us watching this (their Libertarian views connect them with the Ron Swanson character and they giggle at him like school children).  We got all of the seasons and caught up with the characters' stories as we started watching live.  We actually started watching this during The Office's last season and it has helped fill that dry, goofy humor void.

Parenthood...oh man.  I also started watching this one on its actual premier.  And again, I was immediately hooked.  I love the Bravermans.  Don't tell me they aren't a real family because they so are.  The characters and story lines are so believable and the drama they go through together shows the strength of family bonds.  This is their farewell season, and I'm already getting weepy thinking about it (I already cry in pretty much every episode)...  I hate, hate, hate that these shows have to end.  Have I mentioned I get really connected to the characters and stories and almost convince myself they're real?!  Goodness.

And finally, Grey's Anatomy!  I'm a little anxious to see how this season goes since Cristina's character is no longer on it; but they left so many loose ends (major ones) with the finale that I cannot wait to get back in that hospital and figure out.  This show has me hook, line, and sinker.

What shows are you excited to have come back this week?  
Happy Premiere week!
love, angie

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