Friday, September 26, 2014

Shower Hostess Gift

I was a hostess for a shower about a year and a half ago, and the mother to be made all of us picture frames out of wooden plaques.  It is absolutely beautiful and I love it in my living room.  I also get a compliment on it almost any time someone comes to my house.

So when my favorite girls offered to host a shower for me this pregnancy, I knew I wanted to try to do something similar for them.

I found the plaques at Michael's.  They're a little smaller than what I have, but were also therefore cheaper.  And since this wasn't the only gift I wanted to give them, I opted for that (and a 4x6 still fit on it, so all was good).

I picked up some chalk paint (which I had never used before, but time I would also get the wax finish to "age" it a little bit) and some burlap ribbon from Michael's as well.  It was all coming together, but I wanted a little more flair.  The buttons came from Hobby Lobby and were just what I was looking for.  The little clips were also a Hobby Lobby find (I love the Spare Parts collection they carry!)

A little hot glue, so sand paper, and a super cute easel (also a Michael's find) made pretty fantastic holders for some pictures of my people!

I paired them with a Leaves candle from Bath and Body Works (my absolute favorite scent they carry and the very definition of Fall in my book).  Of course I used the mess out of some coupons since all of these stores offer great deals with them :)

I love to craft, I love to give gifts, and I love these four girls with every ounce I have.  They're my people and my life is so much better because I have them.  I hope they enjoyed their gifts as much as I did!

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