Monday, September 29, 2014

Kaplan's Louisiana baby shower

I know it used to not be a popular thing to have a baby shower or "sprinkle" for people other than the first time.  But I am sooo grateful that my girls realized and understood how much you need no matter what go round it is (all the consumables add up quick--and way more if you're having a different gender) and were willing to host a beautiful shower for me and our little fella.

Rachel, Dajuanna, Melonie, and Michelle (Bella is being her placeholder...) were my hostesses.   Seriously four of my favorite people. Ever.  My two sisters have grown into my best friends.  And those other two girls are the sisters life and God chose to give me along the way.  They're my people and oh, how I love them!
I tried to convince them to keep things simple...that didn't happen so much (not like I can really say anything...).  They went with a "Ready to Pop!" theme (one I have always loved and wanted to host myself!) and combined that with his nursery colors (grey, navy, mint, and yellow).  It was absolutely beautiful and I'm so grateful!

This was the setup by the front door...just precious.  And the little yellow crib was my dad's baby bed which was just so special to be able to use!

These two tables had the food and punch on them.  Rachel ordered the banner and signs and place cards from a shop on Etsy (which all also coordinated with the invitations).  She matted and laminated them to give them an extra pop (and now I'm using the place cards as labels on baskets and drawers in his room!)

The food all also revolved around the theme--Dajuanna made cake pops, oreo pops, rice Krispie pops, and marshmallow pops (all in place of a cake).  They also had bubble gum, popcorn in adorable little containers, and rock candy (technically not pop rocks, but still one of my absolute faves so my sister spoiled me!)

They set up a little display table in the back with some of his nursery decor and our maternity pictures.  I also made cookies as a thank you favor for our guests and they were set out here (I'll do a separate post about them soon).

Big sister!

Big mama!
I was 35 weeks for this shower...and the main item of the shower that was ready to pop!

It just looked so good!  

Table decorations...alternating receiving blankets with toys and books and baby gear and his little shoes piled all around.  The vases had silver and blue gum balls alternating with foam K's spray painted in the opposite color.  Each person also got a "Wishes for Kaplan" sheet to fill out.  They let me draw these out of a bucket for small door prizes--and then read them out loud.  SO sweet and such special words for me...I was quite the weeper during that!

I love that they used a crib to hold the gifts in and around.  It's all the little details that add up!  
That gift in the front was pretty special too--it's from my parents, and mom let my nieces decorate the paper with their handprints in his colors.  I am so blessed for my kids to get to grow up with some pretty amazing cousins!

Maw Maw, Mimi, and Nanny!
Hunter's mom, my mom, and Hunter's stepmom
Three very excited grandmas!

This little girl...  She was the star of the show!  She loved helping open the presents and showing everyone what we had gotten.  She also loved spinning around in her dress and showing off her tricks--which of course led her to take a bow :)  Several times...

Hunter's aunt made us this beautiful quilt (it's currently getting his monogram right there in the middle!) as well as several blankets and all kinds of other goodies.  Hand made things are so special!

Another special gift are these burp rags (these are only a couple of many!).  My mom and her best friend collaborated to get all these different designs made for our little man.  They're all personalized and just precious.  

I mean, really...can it get any cuter or any more fun?!  These two are so perfect together...and a little bit dangerous :P

All the loot!  We are SO blessed to be so loved!
(I thought the clothesline idea was absolutely adorable!  And it was a great way for everyone to see all of his precious outfits he got)

It was such a great day and we are so grateful for everyone who came and "showered" us!  As I said (through tears) during my thank you speech, these people are why Hunter and I are who we are and why we are able to raise our children well in this crazy world.  We love them all and can't wait for him to be here to put all these goodies to use!

love, angie

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