Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 30

So here it is, day 133, and I am FINALLY finishing my 30 day blog challenge!  Just a little past the due date... oh well, it's been fun.  Hope you've enjoyed seeing a few of my little oddities.

What is your favorite song?

Like I could only pick one! In no particular order:

1.  In Christ Alone
2.  How Deep the Father's Love For Us
3.  Dancing in the Minefields--Andrew Peterson
4.  Gimmie That Girl--Joe Nichols
5.  She's Everything--Brad Paisley
6.  Mathilda
7.  In Color--Jamey Johnson
8.  Soulmate--Josh Turner
9.  Your Man--Josh Turner
10. Down at the Twist and Shout--Mary Chapin Carpenter
11.  Tupelo Honey
12.  It Happens--Sugarland
13.  You Never Let Go--Matt Redman
14.  Benny and the Jets--Elton John
15. Dancin' With Angels--Shaunda Chanda
16.  Captivate Us--Watermark
17.  When I Said I Do--Clint and Lisa Black
18.  Simple Man--especially Shinedown's version
19.  Rockin' Song--Acapella
20.  While You Were Sleeping--Casting Crowns

And there are soooooo many more.  Music makes my world happier :)

love, angie

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