Tuesday, February 7, 2012

a baby day in the 100 Acre Wood...

I had the joy and privilege today of hosting a baby shower for my precious friend.  She's having her first little baby--a boy--in the next few weeks.  As you can tell, her theme is Winnie the Pooh :)

This has always been my favorite cartoon--I'll still gladly watch it now as an adult!  So it was fun coming up with ways to make this party a little special and unique with the help of my little forest friends.  Not to mention a little help from Pinterest...oh what a blessed creation of a website!

This was the tablescape.  Starting on the far left, we have cups, ice, sweet tea, and some pretty tasty punch.  In the center was an absolutely delicious cake made by Pronia's deli in Lake Charles--chocolate peanut butter and absolutely incredible...  The food we served was all themed around the characters.  We had Pooh's honey roasted peanuts, Rabbit's vegetable tray, Piglet's pigs in a blanket, and Tigger's jello jigglers.  The forks were placed in a "hunny pot".  And a friend of mine and I made the sign in the corner (thanks to her Mad skills with the CriCut!)--"There's a rumblee in my tumblee".

Again, that absolutely adorable and scrumdiddliumptious cake!

Each of the foods had honey pot labels with the corresponding character attached.

The name banner that my Crazy Cool CriCut friend helped me make!

Myself and the Mama-to-be!  

Her name tag...  I used a wooden square from JoAnn and ModPodged Winnie the Pooh Scrapbook paper on top of it.  The I cut out a tag in a coordinating color paper, wrote on it, and ModPodged that on my other layer.  I then hot glued a safety pin and ribbon (Pooh and "It's a Boy!") to the back.

"Give 'em your two cents..."  A place for guests to sign-in as they gave "counsels, cautions, and congrats" to the parents as a figurative two cents.  There was twine hung above here for them to clip these to once they were written on.  Then they could also help fill the baby's piggy bank with their literal two cents!

Another "hunny pot" filled with clothes pins to play that infamous baby shower game--you can't say "baby".  

The sign painted by another fabulously talented friend: "As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen."  --Winnie the Pooh

This was also a station for guests to address the envelopes of the thank you notes to save the mama some time.  The little note read, "Help the busy Mommy-to-bee by making yourself the addressee!"  

The mama had also made little candy treats as an extra thank you for her guests.  These filled the little basket along with a note from her.  

Another sign made by my fabulous friend.  This one's edges are wrapped in twine and there's a piece of it looped in order to hang it.  Plus a few of of our forest friends hanging out :)

Pictures of the mama and daddy as babies.  It was neat to see what this little guy might end up looking like.

I didn't get a picture but we also played a pretty fun game that I found at Party City.  I bought a pack of 12 miniature diapers and filled each with a piece of a popular candy bar.  The guests had to smell the diapers (which smelled MUCH better than Jax's will!) and guess which candy bar was in it.  It wasn't near as easy as I was afraid it might be!

All in all, it turned out really well, and I was so happy!  It was one of those things that I pieced together bits here and there, and I just really hoped they'd all come together and work out!

Jaxson got some new goodies; the mama got to catch up with some good friends; and we got to have fun and eat!  Good times...

love, angie

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