Tuesday, February 21, 2012

a change is gonna come

Today marks a year since we found out we were pregnant.  Holy mackerel.  It really feels like it was just last week.

She was a planned baby, but it's still really shocking to see that little test actually turn positive.  We had been in Dallas that weekend for Hunter's work.  I felt really bloated all weekend and my clothes didn't fit the way they normally did, but I figured it was just one of those times where nothing felt right.  Then I went to school the next day.  This is actually how I remember when we found out.  We weren't supposed to have school that day because it was President's Day.  However, we had a snow day earlier that winter and they made us come this day to make up for it (I know some of you are laughing at the fact that we had a "snow day"...).  Anywho, as I was teaching, one of my students (a short little girl in the front row...she was quite a mess, as in a handful) poked my belly and asked if I was gaining weight!!  It took everything I had not to smack her right there!  Then she so sweetly whispered, maybe just like 2 pounds?  The way she said it just made me laugh.  But I did tell I would find a way to get her back.  Well, her little comment triggered my brain to start putting things together.  We were trying; I felt huge (and apparently other people could see it too!); and I didn't have any energy.  So I came home and decided to take a test.  That was the longest three minutes ever, but this light pink line started to show up.  And I started to freak out!  I was laughing and tearing up--and I'm not gonna lie, I jumped around a little.

Now I had to decide how to tell Hunter.  He had always told me that I had to tell him before I even took the test--he wanted no surprises.  Yeah, right.  So I just left it sitting next to the bowl that he dumps his pockets into when he gets home--sure way for him to see it.  Those two hours waiting for him to come home also seemed like they took forever.  Anyway, he comes in on the phone...of course.  So I antsily await him to hang up and then he starts to give me a hug and tell me about his day--without emptying his pockets!  This never happens!  So I had to steer him over there and tell him to relax before we sat down to talk.  He's emptying his badge, keys, and then his eyes catch it and he double takes.  Too funny.  He holds it up and says, "is this real?!"

Now...  what do you think most men would do?  Come hug their wife?  Get excited?  Maybe even get a little light headed or pass out?  Nuh uh.  Not my boy.  He immediately got his computer out and started googling pictures of positive pregnancy tests.  Because the second line wasn't dark (but definitely visible), he didn't believe it was positive.  He even made me take another test.  Because it was so late in the day and I was very early in my pregnancy, that line was even lighter.  So Mr. Doubtful started raining on my parade.  I softly and simply told him: "I need you to be excited.  I need you to take me to a nice dinner.  And I need us to celebrate together and let this sink in.  Ok?  Ok."  And that's what he did--although he still wasn't completely convinced.

So we went to Saltgrass for dinner and held nothing back.  Hunter's nerves shone through as he drank an entire bottle of wine...ha!  He was starting to wrap his mind around it, but he wouldn't believe it until he saw it in writing.  So we stopped at WalMart on the way home and picked up a digital test.  But I waited until the next morning to take it since that's the most accurate read of your hormones.  The next morning, I had no trouble waking up to my alarm.  Popped up, took the test, waited those excruciating three minutes to read the word "Pregnant".  I went and jumped on him in the bed, shoved it in his face, and said "Do you believe it now, buddy?!"  And then it started to sink in...

Waiting to tell everyone was SO hard.  We sneaked in some of our friends on the phone (and my sister who lives away), but we wanted to tell our family in person.  It was so hard talking to anyone without giving it away!

Who knew that year would fly by as quickly as it did?  I can't even fully grasp how much our lives are different than they were at this time last year.  We've been so blessed with that baby bug, and every day we love her more than we ever thought could be possible.  We just sit and stare at her and giggle in disbelief that she's ours.

What a year it has been...

love, angie

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