Sunday, February 26, 2012

generational mouthpiece

We had the privilege and honor of taking our youth group to Soul Link--a large youth rally in Houston--this past weekend.  The theme was "a frayed knot vs. afraid not".  It focused on fear and forced these kids (and us adults with them) to take a hard look into their lives and how much hold we allow Satan to have on us through our fear.  I'll have a whole post about this later.

But in the last keynote session, the speaker (David Skidmore) mentioned something that I found quite interesting.  

Katy Hudson was a talented teenager, who after receiving her GED during her first year of high school, decided to pursue a career in music.  She produced an album, writing or co-writing all of the songs on the album.  

The lyrics are incredible.  He played the song "Search Me" and had the lyrics scroll across the screen as we listened.  

Through this skin you see My heart
Through this laughter you feel My pain
Even through this mask you see My face
For You are the only one who really knows just who I am
And you search me 
And you know all the secrets of my heart 
And you search me
Revealing the mysteries of who You are 
You search me
Growing up never comes Easily 
In Your hands, You're the potter Molding me
Then why do I wear this mask and play this game Of hide and seek 
When You are the only one who really knows just who I am 
My Father, my Father You are my Father, oh, and I am Your child
And you hear my cry, even at the midnight

Her album wasn't successful.  She wanted to be a mouthpiece for the youth of her generation.  But her production company failed, and therefore her album didn't stand much chance.  

So a few years later and some experience with other albums that didn't get produced, someone heard her.  They thought her music wouldn't sell, but her voice would.  Does she look familiar yet?
This was when she changed from Katy Hudson, a Christian model and vocal inspiration, to Katy Perry.  She went from "Search Me" to "I Kissed a Girl."  She is afterall a mouthpiece for this generation as she'd always hoped--but sadly, quite the opposite of her original intent.  

What will you give up (or what have you given up) of yourself to succeed in this world?  What message are you sending out to those around you?  Was the sacrifice of self worth it?  

Satan is an Imposter.  He does not try to hide or distort his identity.  He deceives you of what yours is.  Don't fall victim to this world. 

What does your life say?

love, angie

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