Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's your love language?

More importantly, what's the love language of the people you love?

If you haven't read any of Gary Chapman's books on the five love languages, I strongly encourage you to do so.

Obviously this is a great tool for marriage.  If couples will find out how to treat to each other in the way that makes the other feel loved, imagine how much stronger the relationship becomes.  Too often, we treat others the way that makes us feel loved--but they don't feel the same way about our actions that we do.  And this leads to many misunderstandings and arguments.

However, this tool can be used in any relationship you have in your life.  I was privileged while teaching to attend a conference given by someone who referenced this book often.  It made me look at my students completely differently.  Also, close friends, people at church, coworkers--if you take the time to examine them and notice what you think their love language might be, a more solid relationship has the chance to blossom.

This is a great tool for teachers,
youth ministers, and parents.

He has written The Five Love Languages, which covers just about any relationship.  However, I was also able to find the version for teenagers and for children.  I have not finished either of those, but the little that I have read, I have already been able to apply to my relationships with children in those age brackets.  It truly is amazing how much your relationships with people can improve if you take the time and resources you have to find out what makes them feel loved.

Great tool for elementary
 teachers and parents

If you're interested in finding out your own love language (to maybe share with others or help you better understand yourself) you can take the test here.  Have your spouse or close friend take it as well; then you can do things for each other that reach out to their primary language.

The test will give you a brief description of the language, but I strongly encourage you to read the book to get the full explanation and conceptualization.  It'll change the way you treat people!

love, angie

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