Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 24

A letter to your parents

Mom and Dad,

I really don't even know where to begin--and when I'm writing, that's usually not a problem I face.  First of all, now that Hunter and I are parents, thank you.  You never truly understand the devotion and sacrifice your parents obtained for you until you are on the other side of the relationship.  It's extremely hard, and I'm extremely grateful.

I want to thank you first and foremost for raising me to love my Jesus.  I don't feel like it was ever "shoved down our throats", but being raised in a God-fearing home molded my foundation in Christianity.

I also want to thank you for setting high expectations for me.  I'm my own worst critic and one of my biggest fears was (and is) disappointing you.  However you didn't set unattainable goals.  You encouraged me to reach my full potential and never doubt and limit my own abilities.  For that, I am so thankful.

Thank you for letting me laugh.  You never made life so serious that we couldn't enjoy it.  You taught me that there is a time to be serious, but there's also a lot of time to have fun.  Being a dork is completely acceptable and even encouraged :)  Thanks for letting me see that side of you as well.

Some of the greatest memories I have are of our family vacations.  I am so incredibly blessed to have been raised in a family that focused so much on family.  I love that we drove 25 hours to Colorado every year--that takes a lot of patience and forms special kinds of relationships!  I loved our camping trips and the days we were able to spend all together.  I still love playing board and card games together.  I hope to carry on some of these traditions for our growing little family.

You taught me to be responsible--especially in making decisions and for my own actions.  Work came first and then play.  Laziness was never a trait to be proud of

One of the most important and cherished qualities you have to me is your marriage.  It is not perfect, but it is.  In a society that expects and practically encourages divorce, you've managed to overcome the odds and stay devoted.  You made promises and you've kept them.  You gave an example of sacrifice and compromise, dedication and perseverance.  I know it's not easy, and I respect you even more for that.

You are not the perfect parents.  But you are the perfect parents for me.  I'm so glad now that I'm an adult to have you not only as parents, but also as friends.  You are my place of security and wisdom.  You represent my first home.  I love you both so much.

love, angie

Our wedding, August 2007
Graduation from Louisiana Tech, November 2008
Juneau Alaska, August 2009
Family Pictures, September 2010
Christmas, December 2011

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