Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful:

--that I feel like a human again!  My schedule has calmed down tremendously (for now...) and my hormones are figuring out where they belong too.  Woo hoo for the second trimester!  It's been so nice to have the time, but also the energy, to get some things done that have really been needing my attention for a looooong time now.

--speaking of a freed up schedule, I've had the past two days off...and I SO needed that!  My students were state testing this week, so I didn't even attempt pull out sessions; and little Miss had shots yesterday, so she stayed home to snuggle with daddy today.  I have been able to sleep, clean up the house room by room, and get some very much needed paperwork/communication done.  It has felt so great to recharge!  Not to mention, I got two whole days with just me and my girl :)

--for doctors and medicines...and most of all that my tot feels so much better.  Monday was TER-RI-BLE.  She had run fever all weekend and we found the culprit was likely a UTI...which meant a diaper catch (by basically gluing the little catch back to her tiny hiney...terrible).  And then when those results came back abnormal, they had to do a catheter to obtain a clean catch to send to the lab. Terrible doesn't even touch that experience.  But she's feeling better now, she's on antibiotics (which are no fun, but hopefully they'll fix her up), and hopefully we'll never have to do this again...  Fingers crossed?

--that the end of my boy's turnaround is in sight!  Hopefully...

be grateful, give thanks.

love, angie

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