Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

I could go all sap-fest and give details into what being a mother means.  I could go on and on and on about the deepest joys, fears, and everything in between motherhood has brought me.  I could try to explain in words what becoming a mother has taught me about my own mother.  I could.

But, instead, I'm going to share with you a few things from people who have done it better than I ever could.  Some in writing, most in videos, all in beautiful heart.  Enjoy!

"To All the Giving Mothers: So God Made a Mother"--A Holy Experience, Ann Voskamp
This was written by a friend of mine who has a beautifully heartbreaking story of motherhood that she wholeheartedly gives and points back to Jesus.  Her words are so important. (and those precious, perfect feet belong to her sweet Hannah).

"I am Praying for the Mothers"--a Hint of the Hess House, Brittany Hess
Honestly, if you don't have tissues out by now, go ahead and grab some.  This was job interviews in response to an actual job description...their responses are incredible.

This is just one of my faves.  Robbie is such a cool kid--we've had the privilege of meeting him and Brad (his brother-in-law who helps him create these) a few times.  Their mission and their message are so pure and so needed.  Moms, know these things...remember these things...  Have a good giggle and a cry :)

Kinda cheesy, but pretty cute...and delivers the message pretty spot on.

You are mighty. And you are a shelter from their storms.  Being a mama is Kingdom work; don't take it lightly and don't be defeated.

And we'll end on a chipper note!  I love Anita Renfroe; she's hilarious and just fantastic.  She's done two versions of the "mom song"--I'll let you choose which one you like better :)

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I do!  And don't leave these celebrations to the days we set aside.  Recognize, appreciate, and celebrate every single day!

love, angie

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