Wednesday, May 14, 2014

An Honor

I don't even really know what to say about tonight...  I was asked this afternoon by a student if I could attend their banquet for National Honors Society tonight.  I really thought he just wanted me to be there to see him be honored.  But then when I got in my car and got cell service again (zero...zilch, nonexistent cell service in my classroom), I had a voicemail from the teacher who oversees and organizes this program asking if I could be there tonight.  Since I had never been to one, I had no idea what to expect, but I knew it would be special and I wasn't going to miss it.

It was such a joy to see my sweet, gifted, intelligent, and unique students belonging to such a prestigious society.  I was also able to witness the next group be inducted (I taught most of those as well--just neat!).

Each graduating student was given the opportunity to honor one or two teachers from any part of their educational career.  And this young man chose me...

You'll always be my favorite J-Fish ><>

Do you know how humbling that is?  This is not something I would have ever expected, and that I will always cherish so deeply.  He is such a precious boy (not really boy anymore...he really has upped to young man...but to me, he's still the goofy little 8th grader, innocent as ever).

Two of my favorites with their "Build Your Own Business" Project back in 8th grade with me.  Tonight, they acted as the President and Vice President of their NHS chapter.  SO proud.

He is as smart as a whip and will be heading to UT in the Fall to accomplish some pretty great things.  He also has such a tender heart and is always willing to help other people.  And he's a goober who loves to have fun and make people laugh--he and those classmates of his still keep me laughing.  But above all of that, he is a saved believer in our Jesus and lives his life and decisions through that reality.

Graduation last's so hard to believe this group's turn is in a few short weeks...

I adore every single student tonight and I loved getting to hear their tributes to the teachers...the day to day laborers who work them hard and drive them crazy...the people who serve as parents, mentors, counselors, disciplinarians, motivators, and friends (those titles usually trump teacher in the memory...)...their teachers--whom they realized had given so much of themselves to their students and chose to pay respect to that.  Every single one of them was absolutely beautiful.

I am so grateful that I was chosen;  I am even more grateful for my time with those kids and the lessons they taught me.  Being a teacher is absolutely exhausting in every facet...but this; THIS, is what makes it beyond worth it all.

Thank your people--it'll mean more than you'll ever know.
love, angie

ps.  This kid really does crack me up, and he doesn't even always mean to :P  For example tonight, I mentioned something about Hunter and referred to him as my husband.  J-Fish's response was, "Oh good, y'all are still married!  I like Hunter."   Haha!  I just had to giggle at him as I replied, well of course we're still married!  The cool thing is, Hunter thought he was a pretty cool kid too (and he didn't like all of my students as much as I did :P )

Hunter was able to come to DC with us on the first trip I chaperoned.  These two little engineer brains hit it off pretty well--makes me smile :)

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