Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Big 5-0

and the big 2-5.  and the big 2-5.

March 3 is the day for birthdays in Hunter's family!  His dad, middle brother, and oldest stepbrother all share that birthday, so each year it serves as a great time and reason for the whole family to get together and celebrate.  But this year was a tad more special because Frank turned 50!  And not only that, Blaine and Clint both turned 25!  So not only did we have three birthdays, but we had three milestone birthdays.  Fun!

Maybe it's just me (and the rest of the family), but we think it's pretty cool that Frank and his wife, Shawnette had twins by marriage--Blaine (Frank's son) and Clint (Shawnette's son) not only have the same birth day, but they were also born the same year.  I just think that's cool.

Anywho, this last weekend was filled with celebrating those three lives.  The whole family (minus Hunter's younger stepbrother who is serving in the military, and his wife) got together with several good friends for a good old-fashioned shin dig.  Per our usual, there was plenty of food and drink to go around, and the night ended singing around the fire.

Of course this would be the one day that winter decides it's ready to come out to play down here.  January and February--75 degrees.  Outdoor party in March--40 degrees and crazy windy.  Of course.  But we still had a good time and got in some good visits.

Clint, Frank, Blaine
Scrumdiddlyumptious cake (red velvet) and cupcakes (raspberry filled, strawberry, pecan praline, and cookies & cream) from Pronia's Deli and Bakery!  
Knowing we'd be outside most of the day, we decided to bring Bella's Cozy Coupe (she loooves that car) so she'd have something to stay entertained.  Great decision :)  Here's Nicole (youngest brother's girl) playing with her in it.  She had to be a little hood rat outside all day because of the wind (and two ear infections in a month...) 
BA (Hunter's youngest brother) and Grandmaw (Frank's mom)
Bella knew who to snuggle up around when the cake got cut and served...
Bella, Hunter, and Blaine
Happy Birthday, Gents!
Here's to you three fellas who I'm lucky enough to be related to!  You make life interesting and fun and I wish you only the best!

love, angie

Can I just say how much brighter our world would be if we never lost the wonder in simplicity?
go ahead.  giggle at the little things.  like a tiny tot and her balloon...

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