Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful:

--that Hunter and I were able to come to the Tulsa workshop this year!  He has never been and I haven't been in years--the week is filled with lessons and worship and fellowship.  Such a blessing.

--for my sweet husband.  There is childcare offered at the workshop, but tonight's keynote was Francis Chan (hello!) so it was extra packed and the childcare room filled up before I got her in there.  She has not slept much at all these past two days--remember this is my child who sleeps 12-14 hours a night and  takes a 3 hour nap--so she is ex-haus-ted.  This meant we had to keep her with us during the worship service, AIM presentation, and lesson--and she wasn't havin' it.  I had her out walking the concourse for a bit, but my boy came and took over the parenting duties when Francis began his talk.  I am so incredibly grateful for that selfless act.

--that childcare is offered at the workshop!  Even though we didn't get her in tonight, she was in there Wednesday night and most of the day today.  It allows us to be able to really focus and absorb the lessons, and also allows her freedom to play and make new friends!  Win, win, win.

--for my laptop!  I have been wanting one for about as long as I can remember.  Then Hunter and I jumped on the Apple train full steam ahead about 3 years ago--so now, I've specifically been wanting a MacBook (which made the price range higher and the reality further away).  Well, today, we decided that we would make the plunge.  So during our lunch break, we scurried off to BestBuy and got my long awaited prize.  Fun!

--for the changes occurring in denominations (particularly our tribe, the Church of Christ) which are somewhat leading to some unity under the blood of our Jesus!  This was made blatantly apparent tonight as Francis Chan spoke (or that he was even invited).  His talk wasn't even a planned out lesson, but rather a guiding of the Spirit on what this audience needed to hear from him.  And it was just that--one of strength and unity.  Powerful.

--that Arabella did so well on the long drive up here!  She didn't sleep as much as I had anticipated she would (I'll chalk that up to the front facing car seat...), but she kept herself pretty well entertained and happy.

--for some major doors being opened for us as we trudge through the planning of this youth rally!  This has been a true step out in faith for us and our whole congregation, and it's exciting to watch it all play out and come together.  We are praying strongly for this event, specifically to be an outreach to the youth in our community.  We covet your prayers of agreement with us over this.

--that my Otterbox is slim and hard enough to slip in my pocket, and that the charger flap tucks tightly into itself.  I know this may seem odd, but those are the two major reasons I hated other people's Otterboxes and swore I wouldn't get one unless I had to.  I'll probably still opt for the LifeProof case eventually, but this one was SO much cheaper and could be delivered to me the next day, in time to leave for our trip.  Plus, it's lime green with some dark plum purple so it has enough pizazz to make me smile :)

--for each and every one of you.

be grateful, give thanks.

love, angie

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