Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful:

--that I live close enough to my sister to help her out when she's in a child care bind.  And also that Bella and I get to have my littlest niece, KK, for a slumber party and a special fun day!

--for The has kept me entertained again these past couple of weeks, but especially the past few nights when Hunter's snoring banished me to the couch.  Watching it made that much more bearable. {not to mention I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to relive the days of Michael Scott...}

--for elders and leadership in our congregation who are excited about and ready to let the Lord work through us!  We're praying and preparing for BIG things to happen through our congregation this year--it's exciting to be a part of!

--that I discovered the CocoPPA app.  Granted, not all of the shortcuts work all that well... BUT I love, love turning my phone on and seeing that happy little homescreen!  Even if I do scroll over to the next page to use my original home screen anyway...  The new one is prettier and happier.  So it wins :)

--for my pajama pants.  And the fact that unless I leave the house, I'm able to stay in them at all times.  Pure Bliss.

--for a weekend with family and friends celebrating some special birthdays.

be grateful, be thanks.

love, angie

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